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Thanks! Well, for a few years I was just running casually and didn't have a program or anything. My fastest 10k at that time was about 40:30 (running solo). Then my job decided to sponsor employees for a nearby race, so I decided I would go for it.

I wanted to be sub 40, so I found an online program (I can't remember where) that was based around 400m intervals, tempo runs, and build ups at the end of long runs. That did ok for me (I followed it for 10 weeks), but I honestly don't think I improved much over my previous ability, so I looked some more and found here.

Anyway, I will set my interval times at 7:40 (2k), 3:40 (1k) and :84 (400m), as per your link.

Finally, finished day 1 just now: 15km in exactly 69:00. Felt good, not tired or winded at all. Unfortunately I will be traveling with family tomorrow so I might have to miss day 2, but this is the holiday season here in Korea and I don't have any choice.
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