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Just checking in to say everything still moving in the right direction. 16k at marathon pace last Saturday was tougher than I hoped at 3:43 pace (149 bpm) as weather was incredibly windy/cold/snowing. Felt better on Sunday 32k, though - with the last 10k around 3:50 pace despite a 20kph headwind.

Nice tempo run on Tues this week (8k at 3:40, HR sub 150) and an interesting threshold session today instead of 2k's: 12k aternating 10k/Marathon Pace (3k/3k, 2k/2k, 1k/1k). Was holding 3:14-3:18 on the fast intervals (3:07 for the last one!) and feeling super easy at 3:43 on the slower ones.

Pulling back the volume slightly this weekend with 8-10k marathon pace on Sat and 21k easy hills on Sunday giving me 80k for the week (after 90k+ for the past 4 weeks in a row!)
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