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All still good. Completed 400k for March which is my biggest month ever by over 100k.

We welcomed a new baby boy into the family on the 29th so so sleep has been *interesting* but fortunately I've had 2 weeks paternity leave so able to recover during daytime naps! Eating is up & down but holding around 77-78kg.

2hr 30 (35k+) long run last weekend rounding out a 100k+ week and managed to recover for 3x1600 off 2m30s on Tues (holding 5:20).

ParkRun 5k yesterday in 16:29 (3:21, 3:15, 3:20, 3:18, 3:14) which is only 3s off my pb so a good sign and followed up with 21k today as 10k easy + 11k at target pace (3:43) feeling good at ~145 HR.

Fingers crossed the hay is in the barn now so planning to taper down nicely for the next 2 weeks before race day on 22nd...
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