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Haha yep. No longer feeling sorry for myself. I had a bad ten days due to weather and felt frustrated, but I realized that I still managed to do the three important workouts, and I shouldn't just let the heat win.

So anyway I am back in the saddle although I failed miserably yesterday at the 5 x 2k intervals. I don't know if it was the heat or I ate something bad or what, but I couldn't finish the workout. The first 2k I hit in 8:00, which is right where I'd like to be, and the second was a bit off (so so hot), but I was still doing ok. The third one, after about 500m I started to feel really terrible. I kept going for a bit, hoping I would get through it, but had to stop at the 1000m point. I rested for a while hoping that I could get back to it, but I felt so sick that I realized I had to go home. Nauseous, dizzy and a seriously upset stomach. Anyway, I felt pretty bad most of last night but woke up feeling ok today so will just put it behind me and focus on the long run tomorrow.
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