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Thanks TheEd,

By the end of Tuesday felt a kind of weary, but though was due to accumulated fatigue from last week.

O Wednesday (I'm offset by one day), went out for the 6x1km session. But the body was not ok. Did a 30 minute warm up with some strides at the end.
Started the 1km, did 3 of them but something was wrong After the 1st one ankles joints were feeling different, soleus soreness increased.
I aborted the session and jog back home. It was pointless to continue.

1. 3:52
2. 3:55
3. 3:56

Yesterday afternoon, started to have fever symptoms heavy head, hot eyes, global sored joints and had a notch of fever at night. I caught some sort of cold and didn't see it coming.

Anyhow, I'll take 2 or 3 days off til I feel better. Hopefully I expect to be running again on Saturday but will skip the 5km tempo run and do a 4km test/assessment instead. Think I need to back off the interval times a bit.

I'll report back over the weekend
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