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Hi Mitchel, dang re: calf flaring up

focus on little steps when going for the 5k time .. 4:15 per k = 21:15

your last session was the following:

1st km: 4:16 min/km
6th km: 4:06 min/km

if you take this session add all the 1k times together divide by 6 x 5 ..

take that time and add 20 to 25 seconds

and that is more or less what your current 5k time is

so better to aim for that time for the future

and in answer to the earlier question

if no race then 4 to 8k time-trial according to your choice

better .. 4k . 6k or 8k

hope this helps

ps.. what you have in mind to fix the calf ??
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