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Thanks for the feedback and tips.

When I wrote "freq" I was meaning "cadence", I run with a metronome to try to keep a constant leg turn over. This week for the "easy runs" I have it setup to 172 steps per minute.

For next week I will increase to 174, till i reach 180. Some months ago when I got the metronome I jump right to 180 and the first couple to runs were fun, then the body started to embed the rhythm but it was too much for my ankles and got a nasty sharp pain on my right soleus and had stop running for almost 3 weeks. Last week when i started running again I used a lower cadence and am gradually increasing the turn over.

The actual avg hr of day 1 was 167 still high though. But I always had a high heart rate compared to other fellow runners. (about 20 to 30 beats above their value)

Now back to the 10k program.

Yestarday day 2 I did

30 minutes easy
Cadence: 172
Avg pace (km): 6:11
Distance: 6.5 km
Avg HR: 133
Max: 165 (the course is not entirely flat)
Remarks: running at this pace is very awkward. But easy must be easy...

Today did the 4 x 2k or better 2x2x2k.

On the third interval at about 600m I had to spit but I chocked with the saliva and i almost had to throw my stomach out. Had to stop immediately to control my inner self and recover. That ruined the third run.

Here's the outcome (again I started too fast) Still have a lot to go in terms of controlling my pace.

Started with a warm up of 4km (4 laps of 1k (1007m) on the chosen course. which is not really flat from 350 to 550 is goes up then in 50 meters it descends back to the same level of before 350m)

warm up time 21' 55
Avg HR: 143
1k: 5:40
2k: 5'45
3k: 5'45
4k: 4'50

Then spent 12 minutes doing drills and some stretches.

And went for the "main course"

1st 2k (too fast and the 1st k was hard to breath)
time: 7'20 (3'35 + 3'45) AVR HR: 183
rest 100 seconds (walking)

2nd 2k (felt better in more control)
time: 7'45 (3'45 + 4'00) AVR HR : 187
rest 100 seconds (walking)

3rd 2k (Breathing much better)
time: 2'30 (about 600m was chocking) AVR HR: 180
recovered and then walk back to starting point
Rest 6 minutes

3rd 2k (started again and felt ok, had a long rest)
time: 7'50 (3'55 + 3'55) AVR HR: 185
rest 100 seconds (walking)

4th 2k (last k legs start feeling heavy but breathing was fine)
time: 7'57 (3'55 + 4'02) AVR HR: 188

Cool down (2x 1k)
walked 600m, jog 1400m, afterward did some stretches.

My right ankle is sore but tomorrow is a rest day and should be ok for saturday session.

Overall it was a long session, i'm having some trouble controlling the initial pace. Have to slow down to achieve a more consistent and maintainable pace. But with the next sessions I hope the body will learn how to do that.

Tomorrow day 04 - Rest

Saturday I'll report about the long session, 1h30 at a normal pace. I'll aim to stay with a heart rate bellow 155.

Have fun
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