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Sub 50 for 10km

Thanks for the invite TheEd.
I signed up for my first ever 10km race which is happening on 14 Jan next year. I have about a month to prepare and am hoping to do a sub 50 timing. I started running a year back and have been clocking 30-50km a week for the past 1 year. Height 175cm, Weight 68kg

My PBs:
10k - 52 mins
Half M - 1hr 55 mins
Full M - 4hr 45 mins

So I did a 4k time trial 10 laps around the track on Saturday. I didn't take down the split timings but the total timing was 18:28 hard effort.

The training plan is a 3 weeks plan, is it ok if I start now or will it be too early? And also the Christmas season is nearing and I will be going holiday the last week of dec, I am not sure if I am able to follow the training schedule during that week. Would love to hear advice and input.
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