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Sure, thats my error. Only giving half the information

On the training programme, is states 3 runs (Day1,2,3) and then one day of rest, then back on daily for 6 days before rest again? Is it normal to run this often?

On the interval, start with 5x2k R90 7min 50 (3.55 per k) T ( I may be a bit slow but dont fully understand this) im guessing 5 intervals of 2k, with a pace of 3.55 a k, Is 90 the rest time? but whats the 7min 50? or is this the rest period. But then using this same for Day 15
start with 10 x 400m R 60 400/86sec – no faster P Not fully aware of what this fully means?

Last dead on 5k (Not flat)
Time: 20:50
Moving Time: 20:30
Elapsed Time: 21:24
Avg Pace: 4:10 min/km
Avg Moving Pace: 4:06 min/km
Best Pace: 2:54 min/km

Typically, heart rate not on for some reason!

attempt before that one

Time: 21:00
Moving Time: 20:37
Elapsed Time: 21:47
Avg Pace: 4:12 min/km
Avg Moving Pace: 4:07 min/km
Best Pace: 2:42 min/km

Heart Rate
Avg HR: 162 bpm
Max HR: 177 bpm

The last 10km I have is a very hilly one

Time: 48:16
Moving Time: 47:50
Elapsed Time: 48:16
Avg Pace: 4:50 min/km
Avg Moving Pace: 4:47 min/km
Best Pace: 3:11 min/km

Avg HR: 163 bpm
Max HR: 173 bpm

Closest I have to a 4km, is 3.6

Time: 15:46
Moving Time: 15:35
Elapsed Time: 15:47
Avg Pace: 4:23 min/km
Avg Moving Pace: 4:20 min/km
Best Pace: 3:09 min/km

Avg HR: 158 bpm
Max HR: 171 bpm

The event last Saturday (Not starting from so back agian )
Spring Cross

Time: 1:02:59

Distance: 11.81 km
Time: 1:02:59
Avg Pace: 5:20 min/km
Elevation Gain: 137 m

Moving Time: 1:02:32
Elapsed Time: 1:03:00
Avg Pace: 5:20 min/km
Avg Moving Pace: 5:18 min/km
Best Pace: 2:45 min/km

Avg HR: 170 bpm
Max HR: 188 bpm

If you need any more info do not hesitate, Ive had the garmin for a while!

I did add the links to each read out, but Im not up to 10 posts yet, so it wont allow me

Thanks Again

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