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Thank you!

When in UK, I used to train that often, but that was because I was fighting. I guess I have to kick myself up the ass if want to achieve my goal.

My current weight routine is
Mon 6am Weight training - Work and then back home at 19:00
Wed 6am Weight training - Work and then back home at 19:00
Fri - Work - Weight training from 18:00 until 19:30

I have previously fitted my runs inbetween or even on the same day as above, but have to avoid Monday as thats my legs day (For next 8weeks at least), yes I can and have trained on that day, but its not my preferred option.

Thank you for the explanation, it has cleared things up. There is no track area near me Im afraid, running tracks are out in the forests. I can go try and source a flatter area for that day.

Thanks again, really appreciatte this, and I will give feedback. Im currently on a running hiatus after the race on Sarturday, as it was pretty full on for last 12 weeks, Im aiming to start next week.


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