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Great, thanks TheEd.
I ran 60 easy on Thursday after my 4kTT, nothing on Friday(Today) as it was my company break-up meal+drinks.
I will do a long-ish ~90min run on Saturday, Bike or 30' run on Sunday, nothing on Monday, and start the program on Tuesday.
Once on the program proper, I take it for the 30min Easy sessions, some of those could be an easy spin on the road bike, say 60 mins, but not all? - sorry re-edited this, it was a question, not a statement :-)

Being heavier, I sometimes find the day after a long run I can be a little sore, mainly around ankles and soleus, nothing too bad mind, but not after the quality sessions I am normally fine. If I just suck it up and keep running, I remain a bit sore, and it doesn't go away until I take a bit of rest.
I guess that's the 94kg at work? :-)

Will report back with the 2k test after Thurs next week.
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