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Race report

Hello TheEd:
I have finished two cycles since last post. First cycle went perfect, second cycle was not so good.
Today did a 10k Silvester race with an enjoyable 19ÂșC which I started with more confidence then the last attempt. The course had long hills up and down and I tried to stay under 4'20 uphill and recover downhill between 3'40 - 3'50. Felt good during the entire race, and had to hold back a little bit starting from km5 to take no risks. Hard last 2km but was lucky to be with other runners my level. Finished with 40'50 over a 10:38 distance, average 3'56 pace, so finally stayed under 4'00
3'56 bpm 141
3'56 bpm 161
3'58 bpm 173
3'49 bpm 174
4'03 bpm 176
3'47 bpm 178
4'01 bpm 174
3'55 bpm 174
3'59 bpm 175
3'56 bpm 177
3'39 bpm 179 (last 400m)
Have been on the cycles for 5 months now, so probably should go onto the buildup. I do not want to loose momentum like last year.
Happy New Year to you and everybody!
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