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Dereham 10mile Sunday 10th May

Well, what a day, what an experience!!

Having never ran this distance before I was a little apprehensive but my approach was as if it was a competitive training run and absorbing the experience more than anything else. It was a warm day with a light breeze. The course was flatish and everyone who turned up to compete were very friendly and in good spirits!

My target for the race was 1 hour 20 mins. Tough considering never had this distance in my legs before but anything under 1hr 30mins would have done me. It was not a chipped race so my official time of 1.20.35 varies slightly from the splits on my app below:

I was really happy with this and if it weren't for my club colleague asking my to slow down a bit (km 5,6 and 7) then maybe I would have just shaved under 80 mins haha! The most pleasing aspect being the last 5km run at 23m 04s!!

I have a recovery week. I am going to give a 5km parkrun a go on Saturday , hoping for sub 22mins, then from the 20th will starting the sub 45min 10km programme to build up to a 10km race on 7th June.

TheEd, given my time etc and current pace, do you think the sub 45 programme is appropriate?

Many Thanks,

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