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Hi There,

So Park Run done and dusted! It was nice running conditions today. Light rain in the air and not too hot.

Overall time was 25.44.
Average pace 5.08 min/km
Average heart rate: 168
Max heart rate: 185

Kilometer/Pace/ average heart rate
1. 5.12 - 157
2. 5.20 - 164
3. 5.19 - 168
4. 5.07 - 172
5. 4.38 - 179

Hope this is enough info!

I haven't told a lot about me. I am a 32 year old guy, and for a runner I believe I am a bit on the heavier side? I am 1.73 m and weigh 77.1 (as of last week). I think it might help to improve my times if I try to drop a few kilos.

How would you like me to proceed with my sub 50 min goal?
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