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10K Training Feedback Our 10k Training Programs Feedback

Sub 20 and Sub 40 for 5k, 10k - Triathlon mainly

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Old 23-02-2015, 03:45 PM   #21
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Jorge, it looks like you can be happy, as you have analysed things well and have stayed positive, things will get better

here is a new article we have provided:

Race your Best 10km


this should be helpful


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Old 24-02-2015, 02:54 PM   #22
Junior Member
Jorge's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Corroios - Portugal
Hi Gavin,

Great article indeed!! To be read countless times.

Learning to relax at speed is integral to the development of ‘good’ and ‘successful’ form.
I'm still learning to do that, at least at paces faster than 3:45 am at this stage, just "out of control" if I'm alone.

But I start to see the real value of the 2k sets (I thought they were "too much"!!!). I find them easier to do them now than when I started back in October. Being at sub 4' is much easier

The more I ran closer to avg 4:30 pace over 1h the more easier is becoming more "relaxed" at slower paces (my sweet spot -> 4:45/50). HR still is a bit high but still coming down.

Yesterday for instance I did 1 hour of easy recovery jog and felt very relaxed as pace was slightly increasing for the same effort (HR). It was slow but the point is 3 months ago with the same session I would get closer to 150 bpm.

Lap	Dist	Pace	HR
  1	1.0 km	7:15	123 bpm
  2	1.0 km	6:05	131 bpm
  3	1.0 km	5:52	127 bpm
  4	1.0 km	6:07	129 bpm
  5	1.0 km	6:15	131 bpm
  6	1.0 km	6:07	131 bpm
  7	1.0 km	6:00	132 bpm
  8	1.0 km	5:44	133 bpm
  9	1.0 km	5:26	133 bpm
 10	1.0 km	5:34	135 bpm
 11	0.3 km	1:54	129 bpm
Avg HR: 130

For the next 2k I'll start to focus more in the principles you layout in the newest article.
- Start strong for the first 200/300 meters.
- Backoff a bit, let the GPS avg lap pace start to settle down just 1 or 2s around the target page (aiming for 3:56).
- hold it down, try to relax and enjoy the ride til the end. "Record the feeling". Rinse & repeat
- On the last repetition try to increase the pace toward the end.

Later on I'll start the 2nd cycle with another easy low run. Want to be fressh to the 5x2k session next Thursday.

For the "long run " on Sunday is there any problem to go over 2h - 2h30 long?
I would like to put more time on the legs for the Half IM events (maybe 2, first will be in May but its not decided yet). also want to join a 1st trail run (20-30km) taround March.

Best Regards!
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Old 27-02-2015, 11:07 AM   #23
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Join Date: Dec 2007
first 100m Jorge

most important

good to see your pace increase for same pulse on slower runs, this marks improvement

have a good weekend

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Old 12-10-2017, 03:39 PM   #24
Junior Member
Jorge's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Corroios - Portugal
"another" come back


It has been a WHILE since I post here and lot happen in between.

- due to work & life I had to train less.
- then I returned to the program, did 5 cycles and had a great (better than expected) 10km race on Sept. 6, 2015. Time was 37:58, splits:
1 3:46 159 bpm
2 3:42 180 bpm
3 3:42 186 bpm
4 3:46 188 bpm
5 3:46 189 bpm
6 3:52 187 bpm
7 3:51 184 bpm
8 3:53 190 bpm
9 3:52 180 bpm
10 3:59 181 bpm

It could a bit better but by the end of the 5th km I started to have a pain in the top of my left foot. The elastic lace was too tight and had to slow down.

Also raced in a Sprint Aquathlon and the time for the 5km run was around 19:15.

Then started to enter some short trail runs (ranging from 15 - 32km). Is was an all new experience. On the trails had nice perfo on the flats and downhill's and sucked on the up hill. Any transition to UP was like hitting a barrier. So, went through a phase were I over tried to improve the uphill skills and had a major right soleus injury that took some time to heal. In the meantime did some lite biking some swimming.

Then I had to work abroad. Came back start cycling, had a crash. A lot of work stress. Moved to a new work challenge.

For some months have been running here and there whenever I feel the mood. Also am swimming 3x a week in a master group.

Did a great small "ÖTILLÖ" swim-run race. Another great experience!!!

The last 4 weeks picked up running again and ran between 35 to 65km weekly. Last weekend did a 20km trail (1h53 with 800m cumulative height, avg pace 5:36) this will be a light week. Legs were pretty sore the day after the trail. The day before had done a 11km run with some friends and junior kids averaging 4:26 and felt really easy. Since the trail, had a couple of days without running but with lots for stretching and foam rolling, yesterday went for light 6km @5min HR137 and a relax swim session. today legs start to feel fresh again. Later on I will go for an 1h easy run.

Overall running nowadays feels easier than ever. In 2015/2016 had to somehow push to cruise sub 5min / km now I its very easy to cruise without effort between 4:25 - 4:40. If a push a bit I'll go bellow 4:05. Have done a long run > 1h30 almost every weekend. Sometimes do a set of progressive strides of 90 - 100m on grass. 5 - 8x (15 - 18seg)

Next week I'll start the "program" again has it was the one I ever had success with. Don't know if I will be able to do the 7 day in a row sessions row but aim to do the key sessions.

I planning the 5x 2km key session as:
- first 2 @4:05
- 3 .. 5 @ <= 4:00
- maybe the 5th a bit faster.

And work from there...

- Sub 18:30 5k
- Sub 37:30 10km next year.
- 21km in 1h24 or slightly bellow.

Next week i'll share what I have done .

Best Regards
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Old 13-10-2017, 09:15 AM   #25
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
wow Jorge, impressive and certainly a great deal has happened in your life

congrats on keeping it together

well done

your starting 2k times are fine

welcome back and enjoy

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Old 20-03-2018, 01:27 PM   #26
Junior Member
Jorge's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Corroios - Portugal
back to program, 2nd week now


Back in October resumed the "program" did the first week but then joined a group of friends in 2 trails, one 43km and another of 32km.

Unfortunately on the second one had a crash/fall about mid way and the left knee (patella) had a "close encounter" with a rock edge. I still finished the trail limping and dragging the left leg. But the knee swollen to a point where I was not able to bent it .

it took a couple of week to get the mobility back and much more time to be able to run without pain.

Over the last I have been more focused on running:

Feb 12-18: 10.4 km
Feb 19-25: 28 km
Feb 26- Mar 4: 29.7 km
Mar 5 - 11: 67.6 km
Last week (1st week of the program)
77 km
5x 2.04 km session (targeting 3:55 - 4:05)

HTML Code:
Lap   Dist (km)    Time    Pace    HR    (at start)
  1      2.04      7:59    3:55    170   148
  2      2.04      7:53    3:52    177   148
  3      2.04      7:58    3:54    180   151
  4      2.04      7:54    3:52    182   159
  5      2.04      8:02    3:56    183   161
First took some time to get into the breath rythm
2nd to 4th seemed easy compared to the first one
5th started slower and had to push a bit to get into 3:54 pace than started to fade out around 1300m
The day after had some soreness on both soleus. But have been stretching a lot and legs feel much better after.

- Long run
Distance: 23.57km
Time on feet: 2:16:16
Avg pace: 5:47/km
Avg HR: 142

As I want to run more on trails and aim for a 1/2 sometime ahead I will extend the long runs to > 2h.

2nd Week (this one)
- easy 42min run 8Km @5:12 - HR
- normal run: 1h07 14.7 @4:46

Tomorrow - 6x 1km
target: 1 - 5 @ 3:49 - 3:52 and 6 @ 3:47/8

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Old 20-03-2018, 05:49 PM   #27
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
wow .. crashing the knee to a rock is no fun

hopefully you are able to train without any hassles

please provide feedback when you want and ask questions accordingly

and welcome back

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Old 22-03-2018, 10:49 AM   #28
Junior Member
Jorge's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Corroios - Portugal
Thanks TheEd,

By the end of Tuesday felt a kind of weary, but though was due to accumulated fatigue from last week.

O Wednesday (I'm offset by one day), went out for the 6x1km session. But the body was not ok. Did a 30 minute warm up with some strides at the end.
Started the 1km, did 3 of them but something was wrong After the 1st one ankles joints were feeling different, soleus soreness increased.
I aborted the session and jog back home. It was pointless to continue.

1. 3:52
2. 3:55
3. 3:56

Yesterday afternoon, started to have fever symptoms heavy head, hot eyes, global sored joints and had a notch of fever at night. I caught some sort of cold and didn't see it coming.

Anyhow, I'll take 2 or 3 days off til I feel better. Hopefully I expect to be running again on Saturday but will skip the 5km tempo run and do a 4km test/assessment instead. Think I need to back off the interval times a bit.

I'll report back over the weekend
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Old 22-03-2018, 12:10 PM   #29
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
Hi Jorge, for the future, Day 3 to Day 8, you don't put those sessions off until another day, you leave them out and continue with the program

so you would have missed the 1k session, and that is it, you leave it alone and focus on recovery from whatever was causing you to miss the session

please ask me to explain deeper if needed?

for now recover well and take care

onwards and forwards

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Old 23-03-2018, 03:27 PM   #30
Junior Member
Jorge's Avatar
Join Date: Sep 2014
Location: Corroios - Portugal

I was one day off from the start, my 3rd day was the 2k session on Friday and the long run on Sunday. The 1kms on wednesday was the 8th day. Which I was not able to complete!.

I read about the importance about the way the program is scheduled to take advantage of the super-compensation effect. Its very well explained!

I'm on a 2nd day of full rest, feeling way better. If I feel ok I'll align myself with the program and resume either tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday. I'll be out for the weekend, one of my kids has a Sprint Tri event further south. Crap weather with rain and strong winds is expected. But let see how it goes.

Best regards
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