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To race is but a dream...

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Old 04-06-2015, 07:56 AM   #51
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
03-06-15 Fartlek Session:

rep time dist pace/pkm tot time
W/up 00:07:08 1.27 00:05:37 00:07:08
1 00:05:29 1.25 00:04:23 00:12:37
rest 00:00:59 0.18 00:05:28 00:13:36
2 00:05:31 1.25 00:04:25 00:19:07
rest 00:01:09 0.23 00:05:00 00:20:16
3 00:05:21 1.24 00:04:19 00:25:37
W/d 00:04:13 0.74 00:05:42 00:29:50

Felt good and relatively easy. will be aiming for 04:20 - 04:25 pace on Sunday. Will be interesting to see if the legs can carry it through 10km!!

Easy 45-50 mins or so tonight.
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Old 06-06-2015, 09:18 PM   #52
Senior Member
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Join Date: Oct 2011
Dist: 8.62km
Time: 45:22
Pace: 5:15 min/km

Friday rest day.

Today, very gentle stroll this morning. 5km in 38min.

Ready for race in morning. Prepped as muh as I can and feeling good! Aiming for sub 43mins. Tough target!!
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Old 07-06-2015, 09:19 PM   #53
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
07/06/15 RunBedord 10km race

Well, what a morning! to be honest, i can't say I was feeling tiptop this morning but can't get out of bed on the right side everyday! Had breakfast a little too late which came back to haunt me a bit during the race but more on that later.
Weather was warm with little breeze, too warm for my liking but I can't control that. The race itself was ok, I started well but ran too hard for too long. That nearly cost me and will definately go down to experience. Took water at 5km which was ise cold. Bad idea, nearly choked on it and was a bit shocked when I poured it over myself to help me cool down hahaha! Struggle to fend off a stitch between km 6 to 8, reflected in splits below. should have had breakfast eaten before 8am as race started at 10am but was about 0820am when i finished my porridge this morning. My target was 43mins as previously stated, here are the splits:

Around Km 7-9 was a real struggle and was on the verge of giving up at one point. As well as the stitch, I had to slow nearly to a stop because an impatient driver decided not to wait any more and pulled out of a side street in front of me despite the road being closed. Found something I didn't think I had left in the last km and finished with a nice 150m sprint, still accelerating through the finish line at 17.5km per hour! My official times are slower. the clock as I crossed finish line said 42.48, chip clocked at 42.56 which I have taken as my PB time and race time was 42.56, managed to get up front at start!

Very pleased to hit target. LOTS LEARNED. On to the next one, an 8KM race on Friday 19th June. Not enough time to fit a full cycle in.. Recovery run tomorrow for sure haha! Not sure how to plan and build up to next race?

08/06/2015 45min easy
09/06/2015 REST
10/06/2015 4 x 2km R90 @ 4.15mpk
11/06/2015 50 easy
12/06/2015 rest
13/06/2015 5km paced time trial
14/06/2015 60 easy
15/06/2015 45 easy
16/06/2015 3 x 5MIN @ 4.10mpk 1min easys
17/06/2015 30 easy
18/06/2015 rest
19/06/2015 race

How does that look TheEd?
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Old 08-06-2015, 06:49 AM   #54
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
shadydaz, you will get the eating before events sorted out with experience. The cold water cold be the reason for the stitch, not an easy aspect to combat. When drinking water, sip it, and swirl it in your mouth, before swallowing. Never grab the cup and drink the water straight away. Clasp the cup, and squeeze it so that you able to sip water, only sip the water once you at least 3 to 10m away from the waterpoint.

waterpoints are there for assistance, so prepare yourself for them.
(will need to consider an article about this, even the making of a video)

stay positive, and congrats on the PB, a great day to put down to experience

onwards and forwards

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Old 11-06-2015, 07:48 AM   #55
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Thanks for the feedback TheEd. Hopefully this will help in the next water station experience I will fair a little better

Dist: 9.36km
Time: 47:37
Pace: 5:05 min/km
Too quick on this easy but legs were still bouncing!

Rest Day

4 x 2km intervals R90:

Sorry about the size of this I don't know why sometimes they are massive pics!

Anyway, was a tough session but very pleased with the results...the rest periods need to be timed more accurately but the lag on the app doesn't help at all with this! Second interval the legs felt like jelly for the first 500m but found a bit of strength and cracked on. saved something for the last rep and managed to hold the pace into the usual headwind down the last 500m (of each rep). Can feel myself getting stronger.

Easy tonight, rest tomorrow and 5km paced Saturday morning all being well.

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Old 16-06-2015, 05:35 PM   #56
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Good evening!

11-06-15 easy run.
Time: 32.23
Pace: 05:10 km per min
Dist: 6.27km

12-06-15 Rest Day

5km paced run.
Km Pace
01. 3:45
02. 4:06
03. 4:07
04. 4:10
05. 4:04
Total time 20.12!!

Where did this come from? Legs were still a bit tired this morning from running Hard Sunday, Monday and Wednesday!! Had no idea I would smash my pb by a whooping 36 seconds!! I did nearly pass out at the finish and gave it everything. Very pleased. Was obviously running quicker than I thought. Parkrun issued time tallied with app time today too!

Long easy run.
Time: 1:51:04
Pace: 05:17 km per min
Dist: 21km

Long run Sunday turned into half marathon distance. Route chosen was as hilly as I could get locally with 150m total ascent for run dist. It's pretty flat round here haha! Run out qinto country side and when I got back to town decided to stretch it out to half mara dostance as have a few pencilled in diary for year and have not run that distance before. Really enjoyed it and it helped break the new running shoes in (proper sports shop visited and gait analysis done prior to purchase), have got a monster blister in in step of right foot so need to manage that. Any advice appreciated! I run on feel and decided not to pay attention to pace on app, go with intstinct. Broke a sweat once up steep climb halfway round. Didn't get above two thirds effort. Easy breathing all the way round and took carry bottle to practice fluid intake on move! I suspect I can knock out a sub 1:45 half in race conditions based on this time

Easy Run
Time: 38:24
Pace: 05:14 km per min
Dist: 7.33km

Rest day

I am very surprised at the pace I am improving. The several days have been pretty high intensity need to back off a bit.

Tomorrow - Warm up then 3 x 5min racet pace with 1 min easy fartleks.
Thursday - Rest day
Friday - 8km race

After Friday's race will sit down and have a look at possible eaces pencilled in and figure out a plan of action for next cycle etc.

Do you have any more feedback or suggestions please TheEd?


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Old 17-06-2015, 07:31 AM   #57
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
firstly congrats on the 5k PB, albeit on a hard paced day

you may have to be a little careful now of not overdoing things, however you have a relatively easy week, so then you can recover after the event

let's take things from there

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Old 22-06-2015, 10:50 PM   #58
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Good Evening!

Been a while since my last update. Here goes!

Time: 28.08
Pace: 4.45 min/km
Dist: 5.92km

3km warm up @ 5.10min/km.
5.07mins @ 4.08min/km
47secs @ 4.54 min/km
5.02mins @4.16 min/km
stopped due to heat (24.5 degrees c) legs were shot. Walked home before I hurt myself.

Rest Day

Dist: 8km
Time: 34.29
Pace: 4.19min/km
climbed 95m

Tough cross country race. Finished 43 out o 300+ competitors. Target time was 34 mins so happy was in that ballpark given legs and blister problems. held average pace well and would maybe have got closer to 34 if not been stupid on the Wednesday and tried to run too hard in afternoon heat!

Rest Day

long Easy
Time: 1:44:25
Pace: 4.58 min/km
Dist: 21.01km

I know, too fast for an easy run... ran by feel again this one. it's difficult to judge with 145m ascent and descent throughout.

Easy Run
Time: 36:30
Pace: 5.03 min/km
Dist: 7.22km

Definately rest on the agenda this week. Easy run Thursday but that is it until Saturday. Saturday Morning will do a 5km time trial then it will be back into cycle from 1st July building up to a 10km race on 19th July. The only thing is there is a half Marathon close by which falls beautifully on day 5 of cycle (90min run day) so will be entering and running that on the 5th July as part of the build up. I know it's a tough ask but I knwo what I am letting myself in for and know how tough that is going to make the following week. I like a challenge though! It cannot be any tougher than squeezing in the tough day 3 to day 8 cycle components the way I had to last time due to family issues. With an extra rest day on day 7 planned in, the sting should be softened. Speed training based on a 10km race pace of about 4:10min/km for the 2km ints and 4:00mins/km for the sprints. Will see what the 5km time trial throws up on Saturday and adjust accordingly if needed but at 20.12 for the last one, these times should be doable.

Did I also mention that I got new trainers that have shredde my feet? Well, I got new trainers that have shredded my feet with blisters. Went back to shop today and they gave me some insoles. Hopefully a bit of talc and some new toe socks (to be purchased soon) will help eliminate this inconvenience. Bit of a rest this week should help my blistered arches to heel before the core of the next cycle kicks in

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Old 23-06-2015, 06:58 PM   #59
TheEd's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2007
OK . let's hear how things work out, and take care of the feet

ps. a tip for the future, buy a new pair of shoes ahead of needing to replace the 'current' shoes, and use them for the short easy runs, so that you wear them in slowly and can switch to them without problems (will look to develop an article about this under footwear tips)
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Old 29-06-2015, 11:54 AM   #60
Senior Member
shadydaz's Avatar
Join Date: Oct 2011
Easy Run
Time: 41:44
Pace: 5.06 min/km
Dist: 8.17km

5KM Time Trial
Time: 14:44
Pace: 4.10 min/km
Dist: 3.54km

Km Pace
1 4.04
2 4.04
3 4.10
.55 4.29

After a very bad night in which I didn't sleep until gone 4am and totaling about 3 hours sleep, I was not in best mental/physical state to do a time trial. In my optimism, however, I attempted it anyway but far too tired physically to sustain the initial effort!

Easy Run
Time: 1:08:54
Pace: 5.13 min/km
Dist: 13.22km

Back out later for a circa 45 minute easy, rest tomorrow and into cycle from Wednesday. looking forward to some speed work Friday now the legs have had a good rest!!

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