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The sub40 program

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Old 24-08-2012, 08:21 AM   #1
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The sub40 program

My currently best time for the 10 K is 42:50 and I wonder if this is good enough to start with the sub40 program? My most recent 4K was 16:12, not all out but close to.

My first question is the 2K sessions. It says start with 3:55 pace. Does this indicate that its Ok to let the times fall during the subsequent intervals? And what is the ultimate goal, if I can do all of the 5 intervals in 3:55 pace, then shouldnt I be real close to run a sub 40. Should I aim to run them even faster?

Second. How important is the rest time in the 1K's. Is the aim not to build speed aound 3:45 /km? With only 1 minute rest, I will quickly build acid that will not let me hold the pace for many intervals in the beginning. Is this better than rest longer and be able to hold the pace?

Last question. How important is it to do all the filler workouts, like easy run for 30 mins, instead of complete rest or to do something else like walking.
That is if I am able to succesfully do all the quality sessions?

Best regards
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Old 25-08-2012, 06:22 AM   #2
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Hi Max and welcome to the forums

with your 4k time-trial of 16:12 and your PB of 42:15 it would be best if we were to set your paces for you according to current pace and the after the 1st cycle we can look at the progress

so your 2k pace to start with would be

4.15 to 4.10 per k = 8.30 to 8.20 with a Rest of 90 seconds inbetween

the 6 x 1000m session would be

3.55 to 4 minutes per k with a Rest of 60 seconds

these sessions build both 10k and 5k pacing and the short REST is most important

in the first cycle, recovery between sessions are most important, ideally you should have a base of running currently, what does your normal week look like currently?

over to you

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