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Working towards my first sub 45 10K
Think of the difference in terms of seconds per km on your target pace. You only need to find 4 seconds per km ?
(07-07-2019, 12:56 PM)shadydaz Wrote: Think of the difference in terms of seconds per km on your target pace. You only need to find 4 seconds per km ?

That’s right! Should get there  Smile
Hi Johan, happy to hear it went well


for your training, you can consider doing 2 weeks on the Build-up Program

do week 1 for this week and then week 3 for the 2nd week

please provide feedback and discuss, and then we can change things according to how things are going

Hi Ed, thanks!

I will do as suggested. I will start the build-up on Thursday. Tomorrow my last recovery run, and then a restday. I'll keep you posted.

Hi TheEd,

finished the cycle Tuesday with 31:25 recovery at 5:30. Rested yesterday and today started with week 1 of the build-up. Ran 60:06 at a very easy pace of 5:39 for 10.63k. Despite the slow pace a very tough run, very heavy-legged. Tomorrow and Friday again 1 hr easy.

I'm also adding strength training to my training now. Planks, squats and other exercises, that should help with speed as well.

Hi Ed,

Completed 2 more long runs. That’s the first 3 days of 60 mins easy done. Some proper base training I’d say   Smile 

Yesterday day 2 week 1
61:11, 11.26k at 5:26
This run felt a lot better than the day before. Only started to feel a bit tired after 50 mins. First 5k in 27:08 and 2nd 5k in 27:02, just nice and steady.

Today day 3 week 1
65:16, 11.75k at 5:33
For the first part of the run it was a bit labour like, but when I got around the 50th minute I felt very relaxed. I could have gone on longer but I decided to stick with the program.

Tomorrow resting and then rolling the hills.

I have 2 questions:

With these long runs, I do get pretty tired despite the totally relaxed pace. Not exhausted or anything, just pretty tired. That’s ok for these runs? I don’t have b HR monitor, but I make sure I’m able to talk during these runs.

When rolling the hills, will the pace be totally relaxed or should I put in a bit more effort?

Hi Johan, it is OK to be tired but do focus on hydration and nutrition after training

as for the rolling hills, at this time, simply run the hills, don't put extra work into the hills

please note, that when you return to the 10k schedule, the first cycle will feel tough but you should start bouncing back towards the end of the cycle ... when the 2nd cycle starts you should hopefully bounce to a new level

on we go

Hi Ed,

the first week is done. I really feel I'm building something here. The long runs are getting easier. I'm also enjoying them a little more. I used to focus only on pace, so longer, slower runs did not appeal to me much. Now, they're ok!

Monday 15-7, running the hills
I don't know if you know The Netherlands, but is quite the challenge to find some good hills here   Big Grin Currently on holiday in my own country, but it is mostly flat here. However, I did find a somewhat hilly course near some bridges and ran it quite some times. I felt really good, the hills didn't even bother me much. They weren't that steep, but still, almost effortless. Nice feeling.

Total 62:06 (45 mins running the hills), 11.21k at 5:32.

Tuesday 16-7, 75 mins easy

Felt really easy again, my pace even picked up very naturally after 25 mins.

Total 75:54, 13.72k at 5:32
1st 5k 28:27 (5:41)
2nd 5k 27:13 (5:26)
Last 3.7k (5:26)

Tomorrow resting, and then onto week 3 of the build-up as suggested. I'll start with day 15 on Thursday. For Friday, it says the last 15 mins at 65% effort. That is even slower than a totally relaxed pace?

Hi Johan, thanks for the feedback .. it is great to read when things are coming along nicely

For Friday .. look to pick up the last 15 minutes by 5 to 10 seconds per km .. you can then log what the pulse went up to and we can find the correct correlation for 65% for the future

everything is aimed at not over-training and applying effort when required and particularly on race day


Thursday 18/7, day 15, 1hr easy

I ran with a friend, had to deviate slightly from my schedule. A bit slower pace and under an hour. I love running alone, because you have total control over your schedule, but it sure is nice to run with someone else now and then!

Total 50:06, 7.83k at 06:24

Friday 19/7, day 16, 1hr easy, last 15m 65%
Had to stop after 18 mins, stomach problems. When I came home my wife was able to confirm we ate something bad Big Grin.
Total 18:50, 3.38k, 05:34

Saturday 20/7, day 16 attempt 2, 1hr easy, last 15m 65%
I don't have a HR monitor and I am not quite familiar with the percentages and VO2max. I did have a home trainer with a HR monitor for a while, so I can give a good estimate regarding my HR.

First 45 mins
HR (est.) 140-150

Last 16 mins. Picked up the pace just a bit. Very controlled, not too much of an effort.
HR (est.) 160-170

Total 61:03, 11.05k at 05:31.

I just follow the build-up schedule for the 3rd week now, or do you want to tweek something?


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