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Interesting info Palma de Mallorca Marathon

Palma de Mallorca Marathon

Spain – The Palma de Mallorca Marathon (PMM) is set for October 16, 2016. The event is known for a high finisher percentage and is considered to be an international marathon.

Interesting info about Palma de Mallorca Marathon (PMM)

1.    According to estimations, more than 10,000 participants will run the PMM on October 16, 2016. And not all are serious runners. In the previous edition the average time to reach the finish line was 4 ½ hours.

2.    Where there is a will, there is a way. Today, almost everyone is a finisher! Last year 99.7% of all PMM participants reached the Finish Line.

3.    The PMM has always attracted a very international crowd; in 2015 we had 45 participating nationalities. Runners who travelled to Mallorca for the race came from countries as far away as Argentina, Australia, China, Costa Rica, Egypt and South Africa.

4.    PMM is one of the very few races worldwide with a large part of its circuit along the seaside. In addition, it runs across the entire old town of Palma. This is unusual for marathon races in large cities, which tend to guide the runners outside their centres to avoid congestion in the inner city. And finally, the PMM is not as flat as one could possibly think – its height profile surprises with 242m per loop.

5.   Female participants make up almost 42% of the field of the PPM. According to The Guardian in 2015, on average women represent only around 30% of marathon runners worldwide, and in many countries in Southern Europe only about 10%.

6.   Palma de Mallorca was chosen by The Times as the “best place to live in the world” because “it has it all” and on top it is “accessible and affordable” in 2015. The PMM also has it all: a promenade overlooking the bay and the turquoise-blue sea, a historic town with beautifully restored palaces, lively cafés, shaded plazas, restaurants with a cuisine to remember, small boutiques and designer shops, a sand-colored cathedral… and a bright sun with great weather! There is simply no better place to enjoy a race!

7.    During October, Palma de Mallorca, enjoys a spectacular climate with an average temperature of 68.36 F with 204.6 hours of sunshine and only 6.4 days with rainfall. PMM’s motto ‘Follow the sun’ couldn’t be more accurate! During this time of the year the weather contrast with other European cities could not be more extreme: most of them are already preparing for winter!

8.    Spain (26), Germany (20) and United Kingdom (10) are the top 3 countries with the most winners, counting both men and women. But over the past months registrations from the Nordic countries have seen an extraordinary increase for the PMM 2016, especially from Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden. Will Spain continue to lead the winners 2016 – or will we witness a drastic change in terms of the winners’ nationalities?

9.    Age is no issue! At the PPM 2015 the oldest runner was 88 years old and came from Cork, Ireland. 2% of the participants were 70 years or older, the average age was 44 years. The age group with most participation of over 42% was between 45 and 59 years old.

10.    The iconic NYC Marathon raises non-stop in price. Today it costs $ 347 (distance Marathon) for non-residents, much more than the dollar in 1970, the year of its first edition. The PPM instead keeps on maintaining its moderate price levels and therefore continues with a competitive pricing compared to other European marathon races. Of course this is only to make sure runners and their companions have enough money left to enjoy the cool shopping in town or a fabulous meal by the sea side…

11.    The PMM is currently the only running race on the Balearic Islands offering the distance of marathon.

12.    Thanks to its mild average temperatures, the PMM performs all its activities outdoors: pick-up of race documents, expo, pasta party, finish party … And with its location in the middle of the heart of the city, only a few meters from the most emblematic buildings of Palma, bars, cafés and restaurants are very close in case the sun decides to take a short break…

13.    In many respects the PMM was created as a touristic sports event to attract travellers from outside to enjoy the city Palma de Mallorca. But let’s not forget that the PMM takes sports very seriously: it is a member of AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) and therefore the marathon is internationally recognized and guarantees a high level of quality.

Palma de Mallorca Marathon – PMM At a glance
•    Race day: Sunday 16th October 2016
•    Distances: Marathon, Half Marathon, 10 Km
•    Time: 9:00h
•    Place: Parc de la Mar, in front of the cathedral, Palma de Mallorca
•    Additional events: Breakfast Run (Friday, October 14th) & Palma Kids Run (Saturday, October 15th)
•    Other: Walking & Nordic walking athletes to register under 10 Km run (separate starting time)

PMM event organisers have made following promo code available: TIMETORUNPMM2016
When using this code to register you will receive a 10% discount. Valid for all 3 distances (Marathon, Half Marathon and 10 KM) and can be used until the online registration closes 9 October.