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Run in San Valentino Marathon

san valentino marathon

Terni, Umbria, Italy – The San Valentino Marathon, which is run from the city of Saint Valentine, some 100km from Rome, was first run in these beautiful medieval surroundings in 2011. The event takes place on the 15th February 2015, when you get your chance to ‘Run for Love’

In the inaugural year, some 1000 participants rolled past the stunning Marimore Falls on their marathon journey.

The Glory of the San Valentino Marathon Course

You’ll start in Terni, at 1° km you arrive at the San Valentine church, after 6 km you pass the Marmore Falls, and continue your run in Valnerina, there are different medieval country, Castel di Lago, Arrone, Montefranco, Collestatte, and Ferentillo.

In Ferentillo you return on your journey back to Terni.

The creation of the Falls dates back to 271 AD, and is an incredible work of Roman engineering, designed to favour the out flow of the Velino waters, which have been responsible for frequent and disastrous flooding, transforming extensive areas of land into unhealthy swamps.

The main cavities of speleological interest as well as for the beauty and evocative power of the environment, are enclosed in three distinct complexes:

the first includes the Grotta della Morta (Cave of Death) and the Grotta delle Diaclasi, and spreads over 287 m. with a maximum depth of 23 m.; the second is the Grotta delle Colonne (Cave of Columns), developed in two main parts, that afterwards collapsed forming two non communicating environments; finally with a spread of over 190 m., theGrotta della Condotta, partly collapsed with an old water pipe passing through it.

The vegetation along the entire course, due to the water, is luxuriant and flourishing.

The area of the Falls features great examples of willows, alders and holm oaks. The Aleppo pine often clings to the calcareous emergences of the slopes, while the hill sides are covered with holm oaks, oaks, maples and beeches.

The Botanic Garden inside the Regional Nera River Park (2460 hectares) is well worth a visit where different plant life of the area can be admired.

2014 Entries on rise

In 2014, there is an expected race attendance of 2200, which is more understandable considering the beauty of the route. The course record sits at 2Hr 20

A personal message from the race director:

“In Terni you can run for love in San Valentine town, medal in the shape of heart (blessed). FREE TOUR UP&DOWN*: you can move from and to Narni-Ferentillo-Hotel- Terni railway  Station by free shuttle bus in Saturday .  You can visit the nice village of  Narni, Ferentillo and Arrone or the Marmore waterfall and came back in hotel. Every partner hotel along the road from Arrone to Ferentillo and from Narni will be served by a free shuttle service.”

San Valentino Marathon – Run for Love

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