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Vantaa Marathon for 25th time

vantaa marathon events

Finland – It is that time of the year again when Vantaa Marathon takes place. The 25th edition of Vantaa Marathon is to be held in Tikkurila Sports Grounds 13.10.2018.

Vantaa Marathon for 25th time

The very first Vantaa Marathon was arranged in 1994 and ever since every October the event has gathered hundreds and again hundreds of runners to take part in full marathon, half marathon and quarter marathon, and the past few years also marathon relay.

This year 1500 participants are expected to fill the streets of the Tikkurila suburbs. Vantaa Marathon is known for its fast course and many runners go there to set new personal bests. Vantaa Marathon record is held by Lewis Korir who ran 2.13,36 in 2012. Half marathon record 1.06,30 goes all the way back to 1999 and is held by Harri Hänninen.

Vantaa Marathon is the finale for Vantaan Kestävyyskierros

Vantaa Marathon is the grand finale for Vantaan Kestävyyskierros. Kestävyyskierros comprises of 5 events where participants ski, swim, cycle and run. The events included are Vantaan Hiihto, Extreme Run, Vantaan Triathlon, Vuelta Vantaa and Vantaa Marathon.

Merja Kiviranta-Mölsä is leading the women’s Kestävyyskierros by a considerable margin where as in the men’s race an exciting and tight final is to be expected between Joni Karjalainen, Tomi Halme and Teemu Törmälä.

Vantaa Marathon is organised by Vantaa seurayhtymä which comprises three clubs: Kenttäurheilijat-58, Korson Kunto ja Vantaan Salamat.