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Women increase to start Zurich Marathon

Zurich Team

A total of 9477 running enthusiasts have registered for the 12th Zurich Marathon on 6 April setting a new record. In the marathon category 3185 runners have signed up, the Teamrun was sold out with 900 teams two weeks before the registration deadline and the Cityrun has 2684 runners.

Healthy increase in women set to start Zurich Marathon 2014

For the first time in years there has been a rise in registrations for the marathon, with a notable increase in the proportion of women.

The registration deadline for the Zurich Marathon is now over. This coming Sunday 9477 runners will participate in one of three runs organized by the Zurich Marathon. This year a record number of running enthusiasts registered in the three categories: Marathon, Cityrun and Teamrun with a clear increase from last year.

More people registered for the marathon – including women

This year there has been a striking increase in registrations for the marathon: 6,7% more than last year.

“The mild winter and beginner races like the Teamrun and Cityrun are likely reasons for the increase in participants. Many begin with a Teamrun one year and then take on the challenge of the marathon a year or two later,” says Zurich Marathon organizer Bruno Lafranchi.

The increase in the proportion of women is also good news:

In contrast to last year, 11.7% more women will be at the starting line when the 12th annual Zurich Marathon gets on its way. It won’t only be amateur runners participating in their first marathon on 6 April, but also top athletes like the Olympic triathlete and gold medallist Nicola Spirig.

“I’m cautious going into my first marathon here in Zurich, but I’m also feeling very joyous about the occasion. With the pacemakers made available to me by the Zurich Marathon, I hope to find a good pace, and be able to come in under the qualifying time limit,” said Spirig.

Despite not having quite the ideal preparation time the Olympic gold medallist is in good shape and confident that she can come in under the European Championship limit of 2:44 in the Zurich Marathon.

The Zurich Marathon has international flair

It’s always great to see how much diversity there is in the Zurich Marathon. Participants representing 82 nations reflect the international character and flair of the Zurich Marathon,» says the organization’s president Bruno Lafranchi with a smile on his face. About 70% of the participants are Swiss, followed by Germans with 11.3%. The rest of the participants come from as far away as the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. Closer to home, all of Switzerland’s 26 cantons are represented. In the men’s elite category, there are strong African and Russian contingency again this year, including last year’s winner Tadesse Abraham. Last year Abraham achieved a new course record with a time of 2:07:44.