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Welcome to 2016

Time-to-Run 2016

Time-to-Run Running Information – With the Festive Season behind us, we can look forward to the year, 2016

What is install for Time-to-Run in 2016

In December 2015, we saw the introduction of the new newsletter format, which was sent out towards the end of the month.

As mentioned elsewhere on the site, the newsletter will be sent once a month and we will be looking to cover events, product reviews and generally keeping you the user up to date with what is taking place across Time-to-Run.


Of great interest, are our plans of Time-to-Run Membership in the year 2016. There are a few things we still need to do before this can become a reality, however moves are afoot to achieve this goal within the year.

Content Plans

In 2016, we are looking to enhance and improve on our content, with new languages being planned and added, for those countries of interest.


Our Resources Section will be launched within this January, and in so doing we hope to link this feature with our long-term membership plans and the formation of the Time-to-Run Club.

So with that said, we can mention that our Training Programs and Training Forums are remain very popular and that we are looking to upgrade the forums for easier use on mobiles etc.

Let’s get into the swing of things and may 2016 be a great success for all of us.

Onwards and forwards

Editor Time-to-Run International
Running Information

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