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Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 26-06-2008

I am a 31year old runner from South Africa with a personal best of 35:25 for the 10k achieved twice in September 2006 (No specific 10k training done for this). I haven't race any distance since then as I had some serious studies to complete last year and could not fathom the motivation to start training again. I did run a bit last year but my heart was not in it. However I started running in March again and I am glad to say that I have made it to 70km/week and should hit 75km for the end of this week. I dont plan to run much more 80-85km as my only goal at this stage is to achieve a sub35min before the end of the year. My first planned 10k race is on 12 October and to end the year with a serious of 10-15k races.

Training for this week:

Mon Rest
Tue 10km including 5 x 3min fartlek
Wed 10km easy (4:45min/km)
Thu 10km easy (4:45min/km)
Fri 15km steady (4:15min/km)
Sat 10km easy (4:45min/km)
Sun 20km steady (4:15min/km)
Total 75km

My questions are:

1. My plan is to continue running 75km/wk until 10 August and start the 21day cycle 9 weeks before my first 10k race and to run 2 x 5k races prior to this first efforts. Would this be enough base training?

2. Is 75km/wk enough training?

Sub 35min 10k by end of year - TheEd - 27-06-2008

Hi sub35min, welcome to the forums

75km per week should be sufficient

why not consider using the Time-to-Run 10k programs?

The programs really work and then the help offered here can be more constructive, all you need to do to start is run a 4k time-trial on a 400m track (10 laps) and then we can advise you where to begin once we have the time result.

Then you need to see what races are available in the next 6 weeks to 3 months and we would be on our way towards achieving a sub35min 10k

Look forward to your reply



Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 27-06-2008

My races I would plan are still far in future but here goes :

13 Sep 15km Wildside Adventure Run - Trail run but lots of fun! No time pressure here! Big Grin
4 Oct 15km Willard Batteries - Very fast and flat (Would like sub 55min)
12 Oct Red Alert lightening fast 10km - Point to point and downhill the last 1.5km! (Course record about 28min)
6 Dec Crusaders 10km - Very fast out and back
13 Dec Fastest 10k in PE

I like the look of the training programme especially the 5 x 2km sessions which I can imagine being tough but necessary to simulate race conditions.

When should I aim to do my 4k time-trial and start the 21-day cycles, maybe 3 weeks before the first race? Can I do the race period for the last 2 races then?

Thanks for your quick response Smile

Sub 35min 10k by end of year - TheEd - 27-06-2008

try to do the time-trial this weekend and the we will provide some data for you to get started on a program

Till later


Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 29-06-2008

I did my time-trial today and the result was a respectable 14:25 taking into account a typical PE wind and the fact that I haven't raced for close to 2 years!

Splits are as follows :

1km 3:27.6
2km 3:35.3
3km 3:40.3
4km 3:42.6 (Slowed down badly I know although I did the last lap in 81s! Big Grin )

Ave 3:34.5

So obviously not close to sub 35min shape...... yet! :yes:

Thanks for all the assistance


Sub 35min 10k by end of year - TheEd - 29-06-2008

Hi sub35min .. well there you have it, your first 4k time-trial you can save for future reference. The 4k time-trial plays an important role in future development, as you will learn over the months.

You in sub 37min 10k shape and can start on the sub35min 10k training program but must substitute the following times for the various speed sessions

5x2k R90 7min 20 (3.40 per k)

6x1k R60 3min 30 to 3min25

The Paced 5k run - aim sub 18:30 5k .. no faster to start with

10 x 400m R 60 400/80 to 78sec .. do not go faster

it is also advisable to reduce the long runs by 10 to 20% so as to avoid problems

After the first cycle and your feedback we will be able to map your progress

It is important to provide feedback regarding fatigue etc because a new training format can bring problems if not monitored correctly.

You can continue to use this thread for feedback, though it will be moved to under the 10k training program feedback section.

Please provide your thoughts on what has been posted




Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 29-06-2008

Thank you for the observation and training speed guidelines. My first thought after I completed the time-trial was that I am in 36-37min shape so their you go! Based on your recommendations I plan to run the following schedule for the 3 weeks :

Week 1
Mon 8km easy
Tue 16km easy distance run
Wed 8km easy
Thu 14km (5 x 2k at 3:40min/km 90s rest 15min warm-up, 5min cool-down)
Fri Rest
Sat 21km easy distance run
Sun 8km easy
Total: 75km

I will give you feedback on Thursday session as soon as I have completed it.

The schedule for the following week :

Week 2
Mon 10km easy
Tue 10km (6 x 1k at 3:30min/km 60s rest 15min warm-up, 5min cool-down)
Wed 10km easy
Thu 15km easy
Fri Rest
Sat 10km (5k paced run sub 18:30 or 3:40min/km)
Sun 15km easy
Total: 70km

Week 3
Mon 8km easy
Tue 8km (10 x 400m at 78-80s 60s rest 15min warm-up, 5min cool-down)
Wed 10km easy
Thu 8km including 6 x 1min at 3:40min/km
Fri Rest
Sat 14km (10k race/4k time-trial?) There is a 10k race that weekend :mmm:
Sun 10km easy
Total: 58km


Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 29-06-2008

Oops look like the race on the 18th is not going to happen as its cancelled! I have decided on the race on 12 October as my goal race as it's not too far ahead in future and also because it's a point-to-point downhill race and time times are generally very fast in that race.

Now my new revised racing schedule are as follows

26 July Clover Milk Run Sub 36:30?
23 Aug Itec 10km Sub 36min?
27 Sep RHC 10km Sub 35:30?
4 Oct Willards 15km - Want to run sub 55min
12 Oct Goal race Sub 35min

Your thoughts on this race schedule and time progression?
This is my firm racing plan wont change it again I promise :o: !


Sub 35min 10k by end of year - TheEd - 30-06-2008

Hi sub35min

the most important sessions to start with are the 5x2k - 6x1k sessions to start with .. first we lay the foundation of adaptation to those sessions and the as you progress it is the adaptation to the longer runs and as the body adapts to that we begin introducing the paced runs of up to 15k

All this takes time and with it improvement comes along and a steady pace

There are no real secrets to training and results, simply consistency and avoiding injury, the programs are developed to be progressive according to each individuals ability and if you delve deeper into the 10k programs you will see there are a whole bunch of cycles to take you up and bring you down, rest periods, rebuilding periods and as you progress race periods.

With the whole process there is scope to improve all the way past training on a sub32min 10k program and with slight alteration you are able to even race 21k successfully off these schedules.

I hope this was not too much data overload however it certainly is exciting times ahead

Where in PE are you, are you close to a 400m track there?



Sub 35min 10k by end of year - Sub35min - 30-06-2008

Hi TheEd

I live in South End which is close to the Oval however the track closes at 6 and I work till 5. It also only opens at 7:30 in the morning. The university track is a far better option as its available 24/7.

If I find it more convenient to do my 5 x 2k on a Friday (I only work till 14:30 then) and move my long run to the Sunday would that be OK?

Would you recommend the 10k race on the 26th?