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10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 23-04-2011

I'm living in one of the hottest countries in the world and am currently only able to train indoors on a treadmill. My 10 k PB is 48 min 40, but would love to do a sub-45 min 10 k (not on a treadmill...) next spring. From this summer onwards I will be able to run outdoors again, but in the meantime I would like some advice about how to structure my training:

Should I be following the sub-50 or the sub-45 programme?

My last session I did 6 * 1 k runs at 13,8 kmh, with 2 min easy walking between intervals. Is this pace ok, my heartrate got up to 161 bpm (I'm female, 39 years old), but I felt I couldn't go much faster.

How fast should I run during easy runs? Really easy would be around 9kmh, easy (being able to talk) around 11kmh, I guess. At 11 kmh my HR would be around 140-145 bpm.

I find it difficult to motivate myself to do longer runs than 10 k on the treadmill. Is there any way I could or should make up for this? If it really is worth it, I'll give it a go and load up the ipod with an interesting podcast or something...

I'm currently doing additional strength training (upper and lower body) 1-2 times a week. However, I find it difficult to run the day after as my legs are tired. Should I go easier on the lower body workout in order to be able to fit in more running during the week?

My current total is about 35-40 km per week, usually 3 10 k runs (normally 1 tempo run, one doing 1 k intervals and one easy one) and 1-2 shorter ones.

10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 26-04-2011

I saw from other threads that you recommend doing a 4k trial run. Which I did yesterday (still on the treadmill). This is the result:

km Pace Avg HR Max HR
1 00:04:26 152 159
2 00:04:17 163 165
3 00:04:19 166 169
4 00:04:19 168 170

Total 17:21, avg. pace 4:20.

Did a warm-up 2k, and 4k afterwards (easy pace), so total 10.

Set the treadmill on a 1% incline.

For the warm-up, these are the data:

1 00:06:06 105 116
2 00:05:26 130 134

for the last 4K:

7 00:05:29 150 169
8 00:05:00 155 157
9 00:05:26 147 153
10 00:05:26 144 146

Based on this, what pace do you recommend for the 1k and 2k interval runs?

10 k training - treadmill only - TheEd - 26-04-2011

Milou, welcome to the forums and my apologies for missing your earlier post

slap to forehead done

from your 4k time-trial .. you can certainly look to starting with the sub 45 minute 10k program

it looks as though you are doing a fair amount already, so you should be comfortable with the program

please provide feedback and especially in the beginning, so as to avoid any complications

you can start with the 2k session and 1k session times on the program

4x2k R90-2min 8min 50 (4.25 per k)


6x1k R60 - 90 4min 10 to 4min20


ps.. I saw when you registered the other day, but somehow missed your first post

10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 26-04-2011

Thanks a lot for your reply. So I will start with the programme. Does it matter what day I start? Today I had to rest after the 4k, but am ready to run again tomorrow. Should I then do the 60-70 min easy distance? A bit short of time tomorrow so a shorter run would actually be better. And what would be the correct pace (or HR for that matter...).

Am also wondering when to fit in my strenght training, especially on my legs. Any advice?

10 k training - treadmill only - TheEd - 26-04-2011

Day 1 starts on a Tuesday, so you can start with the 2k session on Thursday, which is day 3 ..

tomorrow 20 minutes

let's get the first 3 18 Day Cycle out the way and then we can chat about the strength work for the legs

what did you have in mind, to do as strength work?



10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 26-04-2011

Ok, will do 20 min tomorrow. What about pace/HR?

I have been doing strength work regularly for many years, usually I do 1-2 sessions a week upper/lower body. For legs I do lunges, squats and stiff-legged deadlifts 3*12 reps. If I stop doing it, guess I will lose some strength, but will give more time and energy for running. Better to keep doing it? Perhaps after one of the easy sessions?

10 k training - treadmill only - TheEd - 26-04-2011

you may continue with light upper body now but I wouldn't recommend you do any leg work for now ... first get the 2k and 1k session out the way to see how you can balance the sessions

there are a few others on the forum who slot strength work into their routine

take a look at DaveM40 and Christian

a word of advice for now, is do not try to slot in any leg work for Day3 to Day 8 of the program .. thereafter the program eases and you can ask the same question again depending on your recovery from the quality runs

as for the HR / pace .. for now run at what you perceive as easy (considering Thursday's session) and then provide the HR feedback of that easy run

Over to you


10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 28-04-2011

Did a 5k easy run yesterday, it took me a bit less than 30 min incl. warm-up and cool-down. Does the pace look ok, given the HR? It didn't feel too hard.

avg HR max HR
1 00:05:58 112 125
2 00:05:27 128 133
3 00:05:26 131 134
4 00:05:26 134 137
5 00:05:26 135 139

Will do the 4*2k run today, which I think will be hard...

10 k training - treadmill only - TheEd - 28-04-2011

the pace and HR look decent

a rule of thumb to work off is 1 minute slower than 10k race pace per km

and so a 45 minute 10k would be 4.30 per k

enjoy the 2k .. it is meant to be a tough session


10 k training - treadmill only - milou - 28-04-2011

Did the 2k workout today. It was hard, but manageable. Result as follows

avg max
00:08:48 158 165
00:08:49 159 166
00:08:49 161 167
00:08:49 160 167

Easty walk between intervals 1min55 (0,2 k at 6kmh), avg HR 139-141. Does this sound all right? What pace should I be aiming for for the 1k runs?