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10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 11-09-2008


First of all I was inspired to make this post based on advice some of the previous posters have got and the journeys they have taken in training.

I am planning to run my first 10k road race on Sept 28 all going to plan. My training has been quite erratic fitting it in to the daily schedule of life and getting 4 days a week and averaging 25 miles running per week. In July I ran a 5 mile race in 37:30 and have just kept fit since then. I provide this information first as I may not be at a high enough level to particpate in these forums and try out some of the training plans or you may just want to point me to another thread.

I am a 33 year old male, 5ft 10 and just under 12 stone so I am not carrying any extra weight. I believe I am in good condition now and will be able to run this 10k no problem, however I would like to start improving my times and aim to improve on my time achieved at the end of the month in upcoming races. I was hoping to get to sub-45min for a 10k for the Dec event but as yet have no idea if that is feasible, apart from my 5 mile time.

I have identified 2 races at least and will add to this as I can find races. With winter coming the schedule is sparse enough in Ireland. There is a five mile in February which I could add in.

Aware 10k December 6th, 2008
Great Ireland Run April 5th, 2009

Initial questions I have would be
- Will following the sub 45 3 week schedule be where I should start? I suppose what would be the most effective training schedule for the next 13 days to the race? Maybe start the sub 45 3 week schedule?
- Is threadmill training ok for some of the Threshold/Interval sessions as with the winter closing in, I dont have access to a flood lit track.
- How can I work out my current capabilities, aside from the sept run. Can you assist me here?
- Do I need to train more to improve times. This might be an obvious answer but with work and family commitments it is difficult to make the time sometimes.

Any advice that can get me started now is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards

10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 11-09-2008

Hi Brendan and welcome

first off let me advise that you would be better off training on the sub 50min program in your build-up to the race on the 28th. The reason we advise this is due to the adaptation process needed when starting on any consistent program provided.

But do not fear, as you will still be able to produce a solid achievement on the 28th.

Please trust me on this advise and then after the race we can reassess and aim forward.

I shall guide you through the process till the 28th and you will need to do the 2000m session today, so you will be jumping in straight away.

Yes, you will be able to train on the treadmill however get them to set the treadmill with a slight incline as this actually makes things slightly more equal to running outside.

do note: slight incline

Please fire away with further questions


10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 11-09-2008


Appreciate the very fast response. Is it feasible to do the 2k session on a threadmill (slight incline noted) as I have no access to a track for accurate measurements. :-(. I will be able to get access to one somewhere down the road but still investigating the options.

I take your advice on the sub-50 and would be delighted to achieve the same as a starting point.

Is the 2k session the one listed on day 3 of the program?

So "start with 3x2k R90-2min 9min 50 (4.55 per k) T" and provide heart rate at start and finish of rest? Anything else required?


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 11-09-2008

The treadmill should be fine Brendan

but don't get too carried away and yes, Day 3 is the 2k session

The details regarding the pulse rates are only if you possess a heart rate monitor

Keep us informed



10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 12-09-2008


Here are my results from the 2k session.

Warmed up on the rowing machine and then did some loosening out.

NB HR recorded using Polar RS100

Starting HR 90

Rep 1 (Incline 0.0)
2k in 9:57 ending with a HR of 167 returning to a HR 116 after 90 seconds R.
Rep 2 (Incline 1.0)
2k in 9:50 ending with a HR of 172 returning to a HR 123 after 90 seconds R.
Rep 3 (Incline 1.0)
2k in 9:49 ending with a HR of 176 returning to a HR 129 after 90 seconds R.

I forgot to put an incline on the Threadmill until the second rep.
incline scale goes up in 0.5s so hopefully it was effective.

Does this help you provide a guide for me for the next 2 weeks until the 28th.

What does it say about my current fitness level?

Looking forward to your response


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 12-09-2008

Nice easy session for you by the looks of it

we will get a better idea after the 1000's next Tuesday but judging from your heart rate and recovery rates it was an easy session for you

After Tuesday I will give you further feedback

Follow the program till Tuesday as per instruction

I will go so far as to say you should get to sub 45 by December



10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 12-09-2008

Good news I will post Tuesday again and let you know how things are going?
The session went good in that I was not gasping for air or anything. I was happy enough.

What would max HR be for someone like myself?


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 12-09-2008

they say the rule of thumb works on 220 subtract age

but there is a lot more involved and maybe after a month or so of feedback we will be able to determine things more accurately

Do try to monitor your waking pulse as then we have an indicator of that to work from as well .. 1 week am pulse will give as a guideline

Cheers and enjoy the weekend


10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 15-09-2008


Here is how the last 3 days went for me.

Day 1
Run lasting 1:31:54 with an average HR of 160 and a Max HR of 172. I definitely covered at least 10.5 miles with 2 stops for drinks lasting 15 seconds on the half hour.
Day 2
I actually took a rest as my left calf was very tight and I did not want to push it. Weather was atrocious as well.
33 Min run of just under 4 miles and a Max HR of 172

Waking HR seems to be between 55 and 60.

Can you advise on the next few days, any comments welcome,


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 15-09-2008

Hi bmc, at first glance it looks as though you are doing your long run and other runs at too fast a pace according to HR.

However we should have this sorted out after the Sept 10k race.

You have the 1000's tomorrow and from that we should have further data to work on.

and if you wondering about the pace for the 'slow' runs it will probably be around 140 max once you training on a sub 45min 10k program, as you will need to recover in-between sessions and then with time your 140 bpm will be a reasonable pace but as things are now

It is early days

just restrain yourself a little

Enjoy the 1000's on Tuesday