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10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 17-09-2008


Interesting point about the slower sessions, I suppose when I am running at that HR I dont feel like I am making progress. I will take it easy on these runs for now, i would reckon speed would be reduced to 8/9k per hour.

Ok, so here are the results from the 1K session which was completed on a threadmill with a 1% gradient. The rest between each was between 60-90 seconds.

Started with 5 min jog
Rep 1:
Starting HR 115,Finish HR 168,Duration 4:56
Rep 2:
Starting HR 118,Finish HR 171,Duration 4:46
Rep 3:
Starting HR 122,Finish HR 173,Duration 4:41
Rep 4:
Starting HR 130,Finish HR 177,Duration 4:48
Rep 5:
Starting HR 140,Finish HR 177,Duration 4:44
Ended with 5 min jog

Last rep my legs were feeling it.

I have a family wedding on Friday which means I may not be able to get time for quality sessions on Friday or Saturday with travel etc. I may be able to fit in a recovery runs though.

Bearing this in mind what should the next few days consist in prepartion for sub-50 on the 28th?


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 17-09-2008

Good session B

lots to learn and a great deal of scope

Friday is a rest day and Saturday can be an ordinary 30 minute run, so I wouldn't panic about missing too much

Sunday and Monday according to program

Tuesday will be your last quality session before the 28th and if you could repeat last night's session without running faster but with a 3 min recovery between each rep

NB!! .. do not at anytime try to run faster than 4.40 ..

In your session recorded, the 4.40 did it for you and once you started the 4th one you were a little under the cosh however the more often you do these sessions the easier it will become and I believe come the end October you will be doing your 1000's close to 4.30 .. and this at a pulse of 177

let's see how the progress goes

Most important the easy runs, as after a session where your legs feel it, running hard on easy days would be like putting a weight round your neck and jumping off the nearest pier.

After next Tuesday's session we will run you down to the 28th

Enjoy the wedding


10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 17-09-2008

Thanks for this TheEd.

I will report back on Tuesday with how things went and get my final instructions for the 28th.

I have to admit the thoughts of being able to actually monitor and see improvement in my ability excites me as up to now my training has been a bit ad-hoc and I think I was pushing myself way to hard in recovery runs which may have prevented progress,

Talk Tuesday


10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 18-09-2008

Here are the details of my Wed/Thurs recovery sessions
Wed: Duration 33:02, Avg HR 146, Max HR 154
Thurs: Duration 30:06 Avg HR 146, Max HR 153
It felt very slow however I now see the benefit as I feel like they have aided my recovery from Tues as opposed to being tired at my desk.

For the Rest of the weekend

Fri: Rest
Sat: 30 Min easy
Sun: 10k easy run
Mon: 30 Min easy
Tues: 1K session as planned

Is the Sunday run to be done at the pase of an east run as this will obviously mean I will be on my feet for over an hour.


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 18-09-2008

BMC after a few cycles on the program you will see many changes, in the beginning is always best to be cautious.

Your Sunday run of over an hour is fine, what we often do at first is to actually set a time on feet session, so can I recommend doing 1hr on Sunday so that you are more at ease in rolling towards the 10k race

After the 10k we can get down to doing some fine work



10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 23-09-2008

So here is the output from the last few days

Wed: Duration 33:02, Avg HR 146, Max HR 154

Thurs: Duration 30:06 Avg HR 146, Max HR 153

Friday: Rest

Sat: Missed a run here opps!

Sun: Duration 1:01:02, Avg HR 146, Max HR 154

Mon: Duration 0:30:43, Avg HR 144, Max HR 154


RunType: Threadmill (Gradient 1.5%)
Warm up: 5min warm-up run (HR<145)
Distance, Duration, Start HR, Finish HR, Rest
1Km, 4:57, 127, 170, 3:00
1Km, 4:45, 91, 173, 3:00
1Km, 4:45, 105, 174, 3:00
1Km, 4:46, 106, 175, 3:00
1Km, 4:45, 106, 176, 3:00
Cool Down: 5min recovery run (HR<145)

Note 1: Gradient slightly higher 1.5%
Note 2: Starting HR recorded at 2:45 to insure rest period did not exceed 3:00

A lot of information here, I guess now need to start focussing on Sunday's race and getting a time on the board fingers crossed.

Can you advice the next few days? I am both nervous and excited about Sunday. Wink

10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 24-09-2008

coming along nicely

Wed and Thursday .. 30mins up to 150 bpm

very easy runs before the race

Will go through things after the your race feedback



10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 26-09-2008


Wed 33:28 Recovery run with an Avg HR of 144 and a Max Hr of 154.
I actually just had a long walk on Thursday as my ankle was a little sore and I wanted to be careful.

I guess i just focus on the Race day now and rest up, stay loose and eat well.


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 28-09-2008

so how did it go Big Grin

10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 28-09-2008

Well got the first one on the board. My time was 48:54. Weather was good and I didnt run myself into the ground. I have a bit of work to do to take 4 mins of this time but I think it can be done. Looking forward to some hard work over the next 10 weeks in preparation for the next one.