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10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 10-11-2008

Sadly these things happen and if you actually ran on 'beach' sand the chances of the tear occurring would have been greater especially if this was the area where you had previously felt pain

at least now it can be given time to recover and hopefully you don't lose too much

Let us know when you ready to go forward as normal and there should be many many races in the future

Good luck


10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 14-11-2008

2 Physio session completed now. Slowly improving day-by-day.
Doing loads of stretching and strength work. Also using an ice pack when I can. Also done a cycle yesterday.

Planning a cycle tomorrow and a long walk on Sunday.

Will be in touch


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 14-11-2008

Thanks for feedback B

this period of time can be such a frustrating time, so be kind to yourself, you should soon be back in the groove doing the 2000's

something to look forward to .. know doubt



10k beginner - looking to improve. - bmclough - 16-12-2008

Hi TheEd,
Just a quick update to let you know that I am still of my feet unfortunately but improving day-by-day. The aim now is to start back in 2nd week of Jan and until then just do strength, stretch and bike.
Just wanted to wish you a great Xmas and let you know I was still around.

I am bit concerned about losing some of the base I built up this autumn / winter at this stage but I assume I will get back in the groove pretty quickly.

Looking forward to breaking 45 in the first half of next year ;-)


10k beginner - looking to improve. - TheEd - 16-12-2008

Well it is the Silly Season now, so a good time to take things easy however be careful not to put on too much weight Wink

as that will certainly affect your comeback

Big Grin