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Training Advice Wanted - Stevie - 17-09-2008

Hi everyone,
I've just started running, mostly for fun and better health and fitness.Been going about 5months now.Dont really have a 'goal' as such, but would like to get my time down for running a 10k.I live in the west of Scotland and ran the Paisley 10k in a time of 44min 27secs and the following week i ran the Glasgow 10k in 44min 10secs.
Ive looked at various 'schedules' and 'programmes' to help me but dont have the time to do what most of them say.The story is,I play 5a side football on a monday and saturday and i cant train on a wed,so its Tues,Thurs and some Sundays, so whats the best thing to do on these days, regarding distances and speeds etc that will hopefully bring down my 10k time??
Thanx in advance for any respondants.

Training Advice Wanted - TheEd - 17-09-2008

Hi Stevie and welcome

looking at things the only day we could recommend for you to do a quality session is Thursday and then to work on running on a Sunday

Try to start by doing the sessions recommended for the sub 45min 10k program to start with .. do the 2000m session one Thursday and the 1000m session the following

Start off a Sunday run of up to 8k to start and build that up to 1hr

once you have gone through a 3 week period then we can chat and see if you have avoided any problems

Your major aim is to adapt to the further load without picking up injuries and this is why we have recommended slower sessions to start with

Please let me know your thoughts on the suggestions and ask questions where things are not clear?