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Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 24-05-2011

After three years of absence I have started running again, in order to break my PB in 10K

My benchmark 10K is called 'Bagsvaerd Sø Løbet' (The Lake Bagsvaerd Race) a timed race outside Copenhagen that is run each month. It's a nature trail aorund the lake, with ups and downs.

My progression in 2008 while trying to go sub-45 in this race:

02/06/08: 48:30
07/07/08: 47:11
01/09/08: 46:01
28/09/08: 44:57
02/11/08: 44:23 (PB) - The time to beat
07/12/08: 45:36

These times where achieved without a structured training program, running 3-4 times a week. With one weekly slow over distance run, combined with a lot of fartlek in the forest.

I have not done any racing since, but I have kept on running to keep in shape for rock climbing and alpinism. I currently have a slight shoulder injury that keeps me away from these activities, so for 3 weeks I have been running, aiming to better my PB on 10K.

I'm 40 years old in September. Maximum heart rate in recent training is 176 and at rest in the morning about 48

I have started to build foundation and have just passed 100Km for total distance in may. On the 21th I ran a test all-out 5K at 22:16:

L1: 4.17 AR 143 Max 159
L2: 4.26 AR 161 Max 166
L3: 4.53 AR 166 Max 168
L4: 4.38 AR 167 Max 169
L5: 4.01 AR 169 Max 172

Hitting it with all I had for the last 800m

The day after I did 8.53K easy running (avg Pace 5:09)

Yesterday I did 8.52 Km of various improvised fartlek stuff hitting 169/171/172/174 during 4 fairly long intervals.

Where to go from here? - I could surly use some more structure in my training. Can I pick up one of the programs, and if so where should I start?

I will do the 10K races on June 6th and on the 2nd of July


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 25-05-2011

Hi and welcome Anders .. apologies for missing this yesterday

thank you for the thorough feedback

Let me go through matters quickly and I shall post back the next steps

congrats on getting going, hopefully we able to jump straight to Day 3 tomorrow, which would be the 2k session

all the best


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 25-05-2011

OK .. you can look to start on the sub 45 minute 10k program

though for tomorrow's session I would like to keep it a little bit more relaxed as you have done a fair amount of quality over the last number of days

so only consider doing 3 x 2k to start with

please ask further questions if you need clarity

ps.. try work on pace judgement for the sessions

Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 25-05-2011

Thanks for the advice Ed!

Since I had a rest day yesterday and I felt quite fresh this morning, I went for the intervals during the afternoon today. I have a track about 2Km from my house. I have not run on tartan for many years, so it was fun to be back at the stadium where a group of teenage tennis girls where doing 400 meter intervals.

I did 2Km warmup to the stadium at pace 5:00 Avg 148 Max 158
Arrived at the stadium and did the 2K intervals, aiming for 4:25:

L1: 4.23 Avg. 160 Max. 167
L2: 4.24 Avg. 166 Max. 168
L3: 4.24 Avg. 159 Max. 167
L4: 4.21 Avg. 166 Max. 168
L5: 4.21 Avg. 157 Max. 165
L6: 4.20 Avg. 166 Max, 168
And I cruised the 2K back home at 5:00 Avg. 147 Max. 151

This session felt surprisingly solid and not too hard. I feel that this pace just might might be slightly bellow my current 10K race pace.

What now? I don't feel like resting tomorrow.


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 25-05-2011

Anders, I think you may be doing too much currently, so certainly try take things is ..

if you look at the schedule the program is designed in a way to have Day 3 to Day 8 as the heavy part of the program where the most training takes place

so for tomorrow consider doing an easy 30 minutes and then Friday Rest with Saturday you getting onto the schedule proper

hope it all works out


Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 25-05-2011

Ok, 30min easy tomorrow it is, but just how easy is easy?

If I had to choose myself, I would probably have gone for 13-16K of moderate enjoyment in the forest, but I'm sure keen on giving the program a chance.

I really feel strong at the moment and my sense is that I have a good endurance base and just need some speed.

Thanks again for taking your time to do this!


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 26-05-2011

you doing too much quality running and simply too much running to be able to establish consistency, your current workload would lead to breakdown without the correct balance

you have to give what natural ability you have a chance

easy would be at 'talk test' pace

the ability to talk while running relaxed (how you achieve that on your own is another story, however the trees are known to be good listeners)

be a little patient as the program certainly does work

all the best


Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 27-05-2011

Did 30min easy, yesterday and took a day of rest today.
So a long run tomorrow? (day 5 in the program)


Want to do new 10K PB - TheEd - 28-05-2011

correct .. enjoy the weekend


Want to do new 10K PB - astrange - 28-05-2011

It is a already a very enjoyable weekend. I did 17.06Km on sometimes muddy forest trails. It's nice to get dirty once in a while Smile

Did it in 1:32:23 Avg. 149 Max. 163

A nice weekend to you as well!