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Where do I start? - Old Timer - 03-10-2008

G'day Ed,

Thanks for this forum.

I'm a once-upon-a-time racer, looking to get back to something more structured after many (like 16) years away from road racing. I ran a 4k effort on tartan about 5 weeks ago. Final time was 13:08.6. k splits were 3:12, 3:19.1, 3:21.4, 3:16.1

I like the idea of working through one of your programs and have an 8k race in mind on the 26/10. Then hopefully some 10's after that.

Where am I at? I'd like to tackle the sub 33 program, 'cos sub 33 would be a medium term goal. Could I start there, or would you recommend the sub 35?


Where do I start? - TheEd - 04-10-2008

Hi old timer

a nice 4k time-trial to work from. I would definitely recommend starting with the sub 35 minute program and especially according to what training you have been doing till now.

So, what training have you been doing till now and then we can maybe modify the training sessions for the sub 35 minute program and the restructure after the 26th

Over to you


Where do I start? - Old Timer - 05-10-2008

Hi Ed,

Thanks for the quick response.

Training has been pretty haphazard. A couple of years of injuries behind me I started running again sometime late June. Since about mid August I've run 5-7 times a week. One treadmill session each week of 4mins hard/90 secs easy (5 reps). Then the occasional 4 or 5k effort on tartan, and the rest just steady runs between 30-60 minutes.

So ... I'll just leap into the sub 35 min program on Wednesday, aiming to race 8k on Sunday 26/10?


Where do I start? - TheEd - 05-10-2008

yes, you should be OK but let's have feedback and then we can start with things after the 26th




Where do I start? - Old Timer - 06-10-2008


So tomorrow start with the easy distance run. If aiming for 35:00 10k, I'm assuming the long run is at around 4:30/km pace? So, if I'm on the treadmill then 75-90 mins at about 13.5?


Where do I start? - TheEd - 07-10-2008

If at all possible, let's have a 4k time-trial so we can adapt the pace for you


Till then



Where do I start? - Old Timer - 07-10-2008

Another one Ed? Is the one I gave you too long ago? I used it 'cos it was the most recent I did when I was reasonbly fresh and the weather was reasonable.

I did 13:18 4k on 21/08, 13:08 4k on 28/08, 16:58 for 5k on 07/09 (tired after long run day before), 13:21 4k on 18/09 (insanely windy and raining). Haven't done one since, but have run every day bar 2.

I was keen to start the program tomorrow 'cos I have a nice 8k race picked out for day 19 if I do.

What do you think?

Where do I start? - TheEd - 07-10-2008

my apologies .. an old timer moment



Thursday 2000m session

And correct about the pace 1minute added to 3.30 per k (10k time) to give 4.30

however in your scenario I would run slower and focus purely on 'time on feet' until going onto the next cycle

adaptation is most important

Hope this helps



Where do I start? - Old Timer - 07-10-2008

oops. Didn't see that in time! Oh well - 90 mins this morning on treadmill at 13.5kph Distance 20.2km Felt very easy pace. Just a long time! :p

Where do I start? - TheEd - 08-10-2008

my apologies for that OT

best not to do the 2000m session today (Thrusday) if you ran 90mins on Wednesday

are you able to maybe put it in on Friday?