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Most effective half marathon sessions - Scottish_Whippet - 22-07-2011

Hi all, looking for a bit of advice on effective hard half marathon training sessions.

I have a half marathon in about 6 weeks but I have been doing mainly 5K/10K training (specifically following one of the 10K plans on this site) the last couple of months (after being out with shin pain from October), but I did 2 full marathons last year (3:00, then 2:47) and my best half time was 1:17. My question is as I have only a short period of time left before my big race, so what are the sessions that I should be doing to get the most out of myself? I'm (unrealistically) aiming for sub 1:15.

I know I need to get some threshold training in, but looking for some specific sessions to pencil in next few weeks.


Most effective half marathon sessions - TheEd - 23-07-2011

Hi Scots Whippet .. welcome to the forums

the 5 x 2k session is a very good speed endurance session to achieve your objectives

many runners in the past have simply added more time to their weekend long-run to give them confidence for racing the 21k distance.

So the 10k program will be effective

please ask questions for further clarity


Most effective half marathon sessions - Scottish_Whippet - 23-07-2011

Thanks Ed, that sounds sensible and I've certainly found that a tough session - for some reason I always really struggle with the 2nd rep in particular, possibly setting out to fast on the first one until I feel out the pace.

Do you think there is any limit to how many times I should do the 5x2K in the space of a few weeks? Is once a week too much or will I reap benefits from doing it once a week for the next 4/5 weeks?

Most effective half marathon sessions - TheEd - 23-07-2011

if you utilise the 10k program cycle you will benefit and prepare for the half

from Day 3 to Day 8 is the main area of training

change the distance for the long-run and everything should work out well

please ask questions if need be