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Need help, please! - lefonque - 11-08-2011

Hey, TheEd, how are you doing? I'm a friend of MMS's, also from Brazil. Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes, by the way.

I was wondering if you could help me improve my 10k time and get a new PR.

I'm 33 yo, 5'8'', 167 lbs. I've been running for 3 years now and I've raced many 10k races (PR 47:59 two years ago) and 10 half-marathons (PR 1:46:08 last month). No marathons yet.

I usually run 4 times a week (TUE, WED, THU, SUN - terrible schedule, I know, but that's the only possible way right now): one interval session (usually 4 miles + warm up and cool down. 400s, 800s, 1k or 2k laps), one tempo run (usually 5-7 miles @ 8 min/mile), one long run (between 10 and 12.5 miles @ 8:10 - 8:24 min/mile) plus another running day. I usually don't run at "easy pace" and don't do crosstraining either.

My time goal is 47:00. It's just an arbitrary number, I know. But today I tried to run 10 km at this pace (7:31 min/mile or 4:42 min/km) to see if it was possible. I managed to keep that pace for only 7 km and then I had to stop and breath for 3-5 minutes. I ran the last 3 km in 04:58 [uphill], 04:48 and 04:46, for a total of 47:40 (plus that resting time).

Do you think 47:00 is feasible right now? I have a race in two weeks in perfect weather conditions and flat course. Today I really couldn't keep that 4:42 pace for the remaining 3 km. I was wondering if that would be possible in a race day.

I was wondering what's the best training program to get better at that distance. I read your programs, but the sub50 seems to be too slow for me and the sub45 is too fast! Should I concentrate on short intervals (400s, 800s), long intervals (1k, 1 mile, 2k) or mix both types? Increase my tempo run distance or just increase the speed? Can I keep running 10-12.5 miles on my long run (I really like those runs)?

Thanks a lot.

Need help, please! - TheEd - 11-08-2011

Hi lefonque and welcome to the forums .. any friend of MMS is a friend of ours Wink

it doesn't give you much time to prepare for the next race as you can't 'train' in the last week but instead only prepare to race

however this weekend you could consider doing 5 x 1k with 2 minute Rest with the pace at 'race pace'

do not do sessions before the event that will take too much out of you

and then after the race we can see what can be put together for you

hope this helps for now


Need help, please! - lefonque - 11-08-2011

It surely does help! I'll do that and get back to you after the race. Actually it's a race + vacations in Chile for 12 days.

Thanks a lot.