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sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 17-12-2008

Hi ,

Hello btw Smile
I ran a 10k in november last year and completed it in 46.30. I ran to my limits and thought that i couldn't do any better.
Since then i found your 10k training programs and have been working at the sub 40 10k for the last few months. This november i again completed the same 10k in 43.37. I was impressed!!!.

Still fired up from my recent success A few weeks later i tried on the tread mill at the gym to do a sub 40 10k. I got to 7k running the sub 40 pace but couldn't maintain this effort and finish :mad:

Since then i've done as the programmes advise and had a break and i'm now on your "Off Training Period - Return to Training Schedule" completing day 03 today.

Can you please advise me on how i can adapt your sub 40 10k plan to suit me as i think i can get there with continued training but the sub 40 10k plan may be a little out of my league for my current fitness level.

Thanks in advance for your programs/advice to date. I'm injury free and really enjoying my running again.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 17-12-2008

Hi Rob, great to hear you have experienced success

one of the first things you can do is a 4k time-trial then we can take that time and adapt a program for your needs

If you use a heart rate monitor please provide the data for every kilometer of the 4k

if you can provide time splits for each km it will be helpful

We hope this helps to get you started


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 18-12-2008

Thanks the Ed.

When can i do the 4k time trial?
Is it suitable to do the time trial on a treadmill or shall i try and do it on the road?
There is a track near me but it's not really open to the public. However if the track is best then i'll investigate this?


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 18-12-2008

Just contacted my local track. The guy advised that i could go down there tonight as it's open to the public between 4-7pm. Only trouble is my schedule says today should be a rest day.

What do you reckon TheEd?

Cheers again. and sorry but i'm a bit keen with my running !:p


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 18-12-2008

Rob slot it in now .. it isn't a hassle if it is a little slower than anticipated



sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 18-12-2008

Sure thing. I'll get down there tonight then. Thanks again.Smile

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 18-12-2008

Track was closedSad . I found a perfect 1k circuit round an industrial estate near me !:whistle:

Lap 1 time 4:02 avg hr 149 max hr 166
lap 2 time 4:02 avg hr 164 max hr 167
lap 3 time 4:04 avg hr 167 max hr 170
lap 4 time 3:57 avg hr 171 max hr 174

please advise. Ps i'm over the hill at a grand old age of 31 :-(. But a sub 40 is in reach i hope......

sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 19-12-2008

I'm gonna take that rest day today and then carry on with the off training plan till i hear from you TheEd.


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - TheEd - 19-12-2008

Hi Rob

very definitely capable of achieving a sub 40 minute 10k within the next 6 months

start on the sub 40 minute 10k schedule however when starting with the 2000's next Thursday start with a pace of

4.05 to 4.10 per k for the 2000's which works out to 8.10 to 8.20

then for the 1000's it will be 10 seconds quicker, so 3.55 to 4 mins per 1000

Start Day 1 of the program next Tuesday and you should get onto the sub 40 minute schedule within 1 to 2 months of training

Nice going and enjoy the weekend


sub 40 10 k. Please advise - robbie_1000 - 19-12-2008

I think the Mrs might flip if i sneak out xmas morning and try and fit in the 2k sets! i'll take your speed advice on the 2k/1k sets. I think i have been trying to hard to soon from the sound of things then.

Excluding the specific quality sets/rest sessions i'm left with sessions:
mainly "easy days of xmin running"
1x "xmin easy distance"
1x "longest run - 'time on feet' up to 1Hr 30min"
1x "easy day of 10k running - relaxed"

For the sessions "easy days of xmin running" i was planning to run keeping my hr between 123-140bpm. Does that sound ok?.... and shall i use a similar range for the other 3 sessions?

Thanks again