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training update - JoelB - 31-08-2011

hey gd
I had a great 75min deep water run.
no problem during session.

today 30/aug/11
1hr flat fun really relax and smooth.
no pains.
after training i had my rehab program.
warm up 3x15 lext
3x15 ham curls

sitbacks 3x10
core complex

side plank
with hip dips

squats 3x15

donkey kick

standing dumbbell calf press

hip ext

the training so far has made the running alot easer.

can the build up program be mixed with 1hr running and the following day you can run via deep water.


training update - JoelB - 13-09-2011

hey gd how are you

I am great after my 1hr yesterday just under 15k little effort.

I am just avg 1hr each day.this week training was great.
I should be fine by the end of the month
the drills are really working as you can feel the strength and power .

today i just ran for 30min relax given i ran for the 1hr yesterday.

how should i proceed this month.


training update - TheEd - 13-09-2011

well give it a few more days and then we can look at the 4k time-trial to get an assessment

onwards and forwards


training update - JoelB - 14-09-2011

[[[COLOR="Navy"]B]I]hey gd how are you

I ran yesterday for 35min relax really slow in the rain.
legs felt good and i had no pain from the 1hr sunday,

today i ran for 1hr road session really light but gradual hills.
just under 15k once more avg for my 1hr.

the change today is that of completing my program from the therapist before i run.

i would normally have my drill after training.
the change is simply to have u run after your drills so by the time u do have an event your legs will take much more load/pressure therefore performance will improve.

:mrburns: so its in time i should be back in the saddle.

i have 2new grass track in which am training now as am no longer training on my home ground.



training update - JoelB - 15-09-2011

[COLOR="Navy"]hey gd
today i had to cycle as my am session with a mixture of 1min fast and 1min steady.
just for 35min only.

my pm session was a relax 35min grass run.
had no pain during both session.

legs are fine so far given i ran for 1hr yesterday.

the therapist wanted me to focus on strength for the next 2m:tourist::tourist::tourist::tourist::tourist:onths.
what is your opinion on this???


training update - TheEd - 15-09-2011

monsieur Joel maybe in 10 yrs time you will manage to post to your thread Wink

well .. if the therapist reckons you must do strength work then maybe they know best however as long as you don 't go overdo things again

ps.. shall merge this thread to your original thread

training update - JoelB - 16-09-2011

I would say this the most i have posted .
like it takes injury to do this.

today was great.
had my drills program and trained for 45min after.
i tell you with tired legs man thats dam hard.

i felt as if someone beat me up gd.:wow::wow::wow:

never the less i will keep it simple and no rush.

have to run early tomorrow .

training update - JoelB - 16-09-2011

gd my first 4ktime trial will be between 12.5 and 13.oo:mrburns::mrburns::mrburns:

training update - TheEd - 16-09-2011

that is not an injury, it is plain old age creeping in Wink



training update - JoelB - 18-09-2011

hey gd
how's the weather

today i had therapy for a few hours and all of the drill has been increasing.

I did not expect to pass nor complete each yet i have done so and still able to run right after.:rofl::rofl:
My avg session clocks around 14.8k for 55 to 58 mins of easy runs.

I spoke to the therapist about the suggested 4k time trial and he agreed.

its time to get back into the saddle by the next week.

yesterday i ran a little faster and my legs feels as if am hopping around.


lets see how things o forward and then proper planing i can proceed .