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getting back to running after injuries... - karen - 12-01-2009

Hi Smile
ive been reading here a bit and wanted to ask a question. Im a 26year old girl who has been running on and off for a few years. Last year I was uninjured for a total of 4months Undecided im currently in recovery from whiplash but am allowed back to do light cardio. My aim is to run a sub 50min 10km by the summer to start road racing and then take it from there. My old running plan suited me but im not sure how far it can take me beyond the 50min mark. I am reading the 10km threads with great interest. basically i would like to put up my plan for my training to see what other people think of get any help / advice etc if that would be ok?



getting back to running after injuries... - karen - 12-01-2009

sorry, im replying to myself lol
Im gonna post the programme thats on here for the sub 50min 10km with my adaptations (to suit my lifestyle) on the notes column...this training plan wont be happening for another few weeks anyway till my physio gives me the go-ahead Smile

Training Program towards a sub 50 minute 10K
Day Session Your Comments Effort
01 60 to 70min easy distance (mon) treadmill run 60-70mins
02 30min easy run (tues) 30min easy run
03 start with 3x2k R90-2min 9min 50 (4.55 per k) (wed) <-same
04 Rest (thurs) rest
05 longest run - 'time on feet' up to 1Hr 45min (fri) Long Run
06 easy day of 30min running (sat)swim-helps with injuries
07 easy day of 30min running (sun) (hike 6-8hrs mountain)
08 start with 5x1k R60 - 90 4min 45 to 4min50 L (mon) easy 30min
09 easy day of 30min running (tues) interval or fartlek
10 easy day of 30min running (wed) 30min easy
11 Rest (thurs) rest
12 5K paced run - aim sub 25min 5k (fri) 5km paced
13 10k easy run (sat) 10km easy
14 easy day of 30min running (sun) (hike)
15 start with 3 x 5min @ 10k pace with 1min easy F (mon) 30min easy
16 easy day of 30min running (tues) interval or fartlek
17 easy day of 30min running (wed) 30min easy
18 Rest (thurs) rest
19 Race day up to 15K (fri)
* easy recovery after race. 20 - 30min
** 2nd easy day after race. 30min
*** final easy run after race. 30min

getting back to running after injuries... - TheEd - 12-01-2009

Hi and welcome Karen

what I would recommend is that once you get the go ahead from the physio that you repost and we nurture you towards a program instead of you jumping in at the deep end

what is important to know is what kind of routine you have been used to in the past

how often a week have you trained and what your longest run has been, please?

Have you any personal fastest times to speak of .. time and distance?

Once u ready we will ease you into a routine



getting back to running after injuries... - karen - 13-01-2009

Hi Smile
I hear what your saying about nurturing myself towards a programme slowly Smile Im always planning ahead lol and this time off with injuries has given me more time to plan (and dream lol) thanks for taking the time to respond to my post.
The routine I was using pre the most recent injury was very similar to the one i posted. On the rest days i tended to try and trying to learn how Smile

Mon - Long slow run (75 mins adding on 5mins every 2 weeks)
Tues- progression run on treadmill for 10km
Wed- rest
Thurs-10km run at "normal pace"
fri - Fartlek (had only started on this was doing 40mins fartlek training)
sat- rest
Sun- hike (6-8hrs even paced)

I had only one proper race since i started running 3 years ago (im a VERY accident prone girl!) and i did a 55min 10km. Before the last injury (car crash) i was doing 55min 10km in training. I like 10kms as a distance...any other races i did were when i was 15yrs old or something so they dont really count Smile



at the moment im doing a treadmill "progression" jog for about 30mins every second day and on alternating days im stationary cycling or using the eliptical or trying to swim.

getting back to running after injuries... - TheEd - 13-01-2009

OK .. so we know where you are now and we know where you want to go

all we need now is to get the go ahead and we can create something for you

From experience I never try motivate an injured and or sick person to run, I rather encourage them to take it easy

more damage is done trying to come back too early than by simply taking things easy

its very much a patience game

so till later