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sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 24-01-2009


I have a goal to run sub a 35min 10k in the next 6-9 months.
I recently ran a 41min 10k with about 6-7 weeks of moderate training which was pretty unstructured and consisted of about 3-5 runs per week ranging from 7-15km. Not many of these runs were at a very high intensity.
I'm currently in about 43 minute form.

I am going to start with one cycle of the sub 45 minute program (which I think I will be able to complete quite comfortably) and then move onto the sub 40 program for probably 3 cycles.

I have a question regarding the programs: on day 12 of sub 40 program for the 5k paced run, it says not to run faster than 19.10. Why?

Also, when do you know when it is time to move up a level (say from sub 40 to sub 35) ? Is this when I can complete the set reps in the set times or faster?


sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 24-01-2009

Hi Joey and welcome

straight to 19:10 recommendation

the reason no faster than 19:10 is because to go any faster you would not be doing a tempo run and would in fact be overdoing things which would be detrimental towards the race planned for the next week.

One of the most difficult things in running is to be able to race and achieve on a particular date set for a Personal Best or achievement

the 10k programs are designed to get results on the day that counts

if you would like for us to help you a little further we would recommend you run a 4k time-trial between now and Tuesday and then we would be able to provide correct paces accordingly to train towards things

Over to you


sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 25-01-2009


Great, thanks for clearing that up!

I will get out to the track and do a 4k time trial asap, however I've been pulling up with a sore achillies tendon after the last few runs, so I'm taking a 5 day break with some easy stretching. I'll ease back into it over the next week or two and then get onto the 4k!
Any advice on dealing with the achillies?


sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 25-01-2009

Try this

Achilles Tendonitis -

sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 25-01-2009

cool thanks!

I will get back to you soon, when I've done the 4k time trial!


sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 25-01-2009

Joey provide feedback as to how your recovery and treatment goes, so that you don't rush back to do a time-trial but rather build up slowly



sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 26-01-2009

Hey TheEd,

Yes, I will do that. Easy 5-6k tomorrow after a 5 day break.
I think it will be fine, as there wasn't much pain to start with, just mild discomfort.

If I can ease back into my running over the next week or two, when do you think it will be suitable to start on the sub45 program? (for one cycle only)

My main goal is to break 35 in late July, so I don't want to waste any time!



sub 40min 10k queries! - TheEd - 26-01-2009

Joey once you recover and then do the time-trial I will tell you where you stand and the pursuit of a sub 35

Till then



sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 26-01-2009

Yep, cool sounds good!
I'll keep you posted!

Thanks TheEd!

sub 40min 10k queries! - joey12345 - 26-01-2009

Hey there,

Just had a very easy 5k at 23.45.
The achillies was ok, but started to feel it a bit after about 13mins...
Stretched afterwards and feels fine now, no discomfort or anything, but going to ice it anyway.

Any suggestions on the next couple of days running-wise?