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Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 05-02-2009

Hi TheEd

How are you? Long time no speak. I have made a fully recovery from my injury and spent January slowing building up my fitness again and doing plenty of long slow running. I felt good enough to start the sub-45 program and so I did this week. I have a 4 mile XC on February 23rd so I can am going to do a cycle before it. It wont be a race to set a time in but it will be a good test anyway.

I have a few races in the pipeline but the first 10k I see will probably be at the end of May. I do have a 4, a 5 and an 8 miler :mmm: before that. I will shore up dates with you next week. No road races here till April as far as I can see though.

Here is the 2k interval results. I did these on threadmill with 1% incline as weather does not suit these for outdoors yet. I went through pain on the last but I have experienced worse.

Length|Duration|Start Hr|Avg Hr|Max Hr|Rest
2k|9:30|101|166|172|2 min
2k|9:30|112|170|176|2 min
2k|9:30|122|172|178|2 min
2k|9:30|127|173|180|2 min

Great to be back


Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 05-02-2009

nice solid session and very promising to see the last 2k was on target despite the fatigue


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 06-02-2009

Thanks TheEd. I am feeling good about getting to this 45 minute hurdle in the first 6 months of this year. I managed to not gain any weight over the break and maintain some strength and fitness.
Looking back on my previous thread that would seem to be as good a performance as I have put in on the 2k session too.

Resting today and long run tomorrow.

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 09-02-2009


Days 4,5, 6 and 7 went off without any hitches so now tomorrow the 1k reps, I was looking at the last time I did these as an ideal target but lets see how things go

Last time out (Late 2008)
Quote:Rep 1 (1k):
Starting HR 100,Finish HR 174,Duration 4:28
Rep 2 (1k):
Starting HR 95,Finish HR 179,Duration 4:28
Rep 3 (1k):
Starting HR 115,Finish HR 180,Duration 4:28
Rep 4 (1k):
Starting HR 115,Finish HR 181,Duration 4:28
Rep 5 (1k):
Starting HR 127,Finish HR 184,Duration 4:28
Rep 6 (1k):
Starting HR 127,Finish HR 185,Duration 4:24
Max HR 185

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 09-02-2009

You should go faster with tomorrow's session especially after your last 2k session where you ran 4.15 per k for 2k Wink

so start with 4.15 and see what comes from the session



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 09-02-2009

Yikes I was actually doing 4:45 per k in the 2k session. It would be great to be at the 4:15 stage now but not quite there yet. Plenty of work to do. I was thinking of going for 4:20->4:24's all the way.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 09-02-2009

ooops sorry a bad hair day for me there

15 seconds per k faster from that pace


so maybe 4.30 to 4.35

my apologies



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 11-02-2009

Hi TheEd

Here is the output from the 1k session. I was happy enough on with this but still trying to build confidence in myself since the injury.
I was not comfortable on the last rep due to stomach issues (say no more). 2 nice easy days now before the paced run on Saturday.

2k warm up

Len|Dur |St Hr|Av Hr|Mx Hr|Rest
1k| 4:30| 108 | 163 | 173 | 90 sec
1k| 4:30| 102 | 165 | 176 | 90 sec
1k| 4:30| 115 | 167 | 178 | 90 sec
1k| 4:30| 125 | 170 | 179 | 90 sec
1k| 4:30| 132 | 171 | 180 | 90 sec
1k| 4:30| 135 | 172 | 181 | 90 sec

1k cool down


Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 11-02-2009

a very consistent session

coming together quite nicely


ps.. have you pace for Saturday?

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 11-02-2009

No can you recommend a pace, if I go for 22:30 I know I will be flat out at moment and I am not sure if that is best. 23:15/23:30 maybe what do you think?