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Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 17-03-2009

Well every thing did not go as planned today but I am not going to let it get me down and know that the experience will stand to me. The sun was shining today which was great has it had been dull all weekend. There was a decent headwind and I was not sure how that would effect things. The first thing that didn't go to plan was that my Garmin had no signal for some reason so I didn't get to record my splits or the course. The first kilometre went off at 5+ mins and I can not figure out why unless the markers were off as I felt like I was moving nicely along. After the first one we turned into a 2 mile uphill into the wind so I was not able to make up the lost time. I was questioning my endurance levels at this point as I lost about 5 places. I went through 5k around 25+ mins which was the toughest 5k I had run in a long time. A duel started between me and another runner over the next 4k which got us to 9k. He beat in the final 1k and I finished in 49:04.

No personal best today and no where near the time I had hoped for however the day will stand to me and on an easier course I would have PBed without issue. No excuses though time to knuckle down for the next one.

Next race is on April 6th so I was hoping you could help me get a plan together to get there and take something out of my PB.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 17-03-2009

I answered the feedback of someone else who mentioned their monitor not working correctly, I highly recommend racing with a simple stopwatch type watch until you become more experienced, as you guys seem to create stress due to the apparatus not functioning correctly etc

on race day you need to get your race face on

the good thing is there will be other races

running is one of the most mental sports around and you need to be able to focus on race day

B, the training is there and you will get another chance, so put this down to experience and lets get the next race sorted

Right on


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 17-03-2009

I totally agree with you now that I think of it. I am bringing the simple-est stop watch next time out and just concentrate on running.

Next race April 5th I could race before that but no point in piling races up on myself. Its a 10k with a few hills but nothing like today.

I would guess tomorrow is an easy 20-25 mins to get the race out.

Can you let me know where I should go from there. To fit the cycle in would say the 2k session but that is quite soon. although I could do them at a slower pace or something.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 18-03-2009

B .. is there any chance of you either racing a 5k or doing a 4k time-trial this weekend, please?

It is important to get a good run out before moving on to the next segment

ps.. and yes, easy 20 minutes

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 18-03-2009

This weekend I could certainly do a 4k time trial or longer. Let me know the drill for this 4k time trail and what kind of feedback you would like from it.

How this for the rest of the week so

18/3 ~ 20 min easy
19/3 ~ 40 min easy
20/3 ~ Rest ?
21/3 ~ 4k time trial
22/3 ~ 40 min easy

This will leave us with 2 weeks until the next 10k race on April 5th.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 18-03-2009

That looks fine except change the Sunday to 1hr

I would like for you to set a new marker for 4km

be it on a treadmill or on a 400m track

if it is windy find a treadmill or indoor track

however a best 4k is the target



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 18-03-2009

Yes Sir Smile

Previous best is 18:30 so I will target to better this. I hope I can get the conditions for it now.

Quads are quite sore today which I have not experienced before. Feels like have been cycling hard. Might the up-hill nature of the race?

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 18-03-2009

Quads are probably sore more to the downhill nature of the course

Let me know how the legs go, so as not to put you under too much pressure to do the 4k this week, please?

and consider a higher protein intake to assist the leg recovery



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 18-03-2009

Your the boss :whistle:

and a very interesting point on the quads last 750M were downhill which I sprinted to try and get under 49Min. Probably the cause so.

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 18-03-2009

20 mins Easy with Avg HR 136