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Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 26-03-2009

Noted regarding rest period.

Date: 26-03-2009
Time: 30mins
Distance: 4.1k
Avg HR: 136
Max HR: 147

Nice and easy recovery jog.

Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 26-03-2009

Date: 27-03-2009
Time: 61mins
Distance: 8.5k
Avg HR: 147
Max HR: 161

Easy run but pushed a tiny bit harder in high-winds and because it was so cold.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 27-03-2009

when is this weather going to be more friendly


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 27-03-2009

Good question. I am living in Ireland so it can be very unpredictable. I would hope that a larger percentage of runs will be in better conditions from April on.
Hoping to achieve a new best for the 5k paced run on Saturday too.

The following is a link to the race on April 5th.

It will be a very big crowd so I am going to try not to lose time at the start, also 5-6km and 7.5-9km are climbs. My goal is to PB the distance so I am going to just get out there and run the race and go with how I feel. No fancy watches either. :yes:

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 27-03-2009

B remem that if you run a paced run they are not meant to be PB's Wink

and if you do run a PB then you must not be disappointed the following week when it is race day and things don't go too well

however a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush

so a PB tomorrow should be a good start however once you become more experienced you should certainly keep the paced runs to exactly that



Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 27-03-2009

I hear you loud and clear coach. The winds will be strong tomorrow so I may use a 1k loop in order to not be facing the winds for long periods. I am taking your advice on this 1k speed of 4:20 * 5 + 1 minute.

So based on this a session of 22:40 - 22:55 would be satisfactory.

The last time I did this I did 23:15 so lets see what happens if the wind is up I will revise to 23:15.

Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 27-03-2009

Interesting B

maybe the problem is you have not run like this before so PB's will simply follow

I use a lot of variables to decide on a 5k paced run however the one you just provided is good as it probably provides a more cautious approach

well when you ready to run a sub 45 minute 10k you would be able to do this paced session in 22:30 Wink

so the future is bold

and interesting

Good luck with the wind


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 29-03-2009

Hi TheEd,

I am in big trouble now. I missed the paced 5k run due to the very poor weather conditions. I didn't want to go out in the high winds and push myself too hard so I left it and as advised for yourself just continued with the schedule.

Got my 1hr easy into and covered 8.65km with an avg of 139.


Sub-45 Here I come. - TheEd - 29-03-2009

that's no problem, don't create a stress about it

have you a test of sorts next week?


Sub-45 Here I come. - bmclough - 29-03-2009

10k race on Sunday, so the plan is to do the last week of the program.

Not sure how to fill in the blank for Saturday but that is over to you Smile.