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Help in Training for 10k race - mrm7 - 05-10-2011

Hi Ed
I'm training for the Brighton (England) 10k race on 20 Nov 2011. I've done this before, time was 44:45 min & run a different 10k race similar time! I would like any advice you can give, which program to follow etc, guess i should also add I cycle to work each day 22km each way (takes about an hour) I ran a 4k on a treadmill the other day, time was 18.25, may hr was
1 162
2 165
3 169
4 175


Help in Training for 10k race - TheEd - 17-10-2011

Hi Mark, apologies for missing this .. has been hectic our end

would you like some assistance or are you pushing through on your own?


ps.. where are you now with your training?

Help in Training for 10k race - mrm7 - 18-10-2011

Hi The Ed
No worries, I've actually been not doing much, only went for 30 min run Sat & a lazy 20 min yesterday.

I was thinking that with today being Tuesday I will kick off on the program & try Day 1 60 - 70 min easy.
Only problem I see is that the timing will be out with race day being 20 Nov. what do you think?


Help in Training for 10k race - TheEd - 18-10-2011

we can change the last week before the event

the crux of the program is the 2k session which would be best to start on a Thursday

but normally best to slot in a 4k time-trial so we can assess where you should start

so maybe consider doing that today if u can slot it in



Help in Training for 10k race - mrm7 - 20-10-2011

Hi The ED

Thanks for your help so far, I ran a 4k time trial last night, did it on a treadmill as didn't have access to a track. Total time 17:39, splits. I increased the speed after the first km as I knew i would not be pushing myself. HR i could only get off the screen so from memory...

1 4.94 HR 165
2 4.20 HR 173
3 4.15 HR 179
4 4.10 HR 185

What to do now??

Help in Training for 10k race - TheEd - 21-10-2011

Hi there Mark,

you can look to use the sub 45 minute 10k schedule however we shall change the pace of the 2000m session to suit your current level

you can consider doing the 2k session over the weekend, skip the long run (only consider a light run Sunday or Monday) and then the 1k session Tuesday and you should be on the routine

the 2000m session will start at 4.35 to 4.40 per k - total = 9.10 to 9.20

the 1k session will be 10 seconds per k quicker - 4.25 to 4.20

Please ask for further clarity, if needed


Help in Training for 10k race - mrm7 - 21-10-2011

Hi The Ed
In a rush of excitement I went off & completed the 2k session Thurs night. Looking back on the per k speed I was meant to do I went out too fast. Especially on the first set where I went too quick on the first 1km then slowed down after that & got the speed right. HR didn't go down too much between the sessions maybe 120 or so each time.

1 T=8.27 HR AVG 170 MAX 181
2 T= 8.52 HR AVG 169 MAX 183
3 T=8.42 HR AVG 172 MAX 185
4 T=8.38 HR AVG 176 MAX 184

I will slot in the easy run Monday if you agree, on Sunday I need to watch NZ win the rugby world cup so maybe a rest day?


Help in Training for 10k race - TheEd - 21-10-2011

OK .. at least you coped with it .. if you have done the 2k session then a 1hr for now over the weekend should be fine and you switch to the 1k session Tuesday

that should all come together well

[SIZE="1"]ps.. may the Kiwis win because if they don't then .........[/SIZE] Wink

Help in Training for 10k race - mrm7 - 27-10-2011

Hi The Ed
Not much has happened here since the World Cup Victory Wink, I have time to spare tonight, should I try the 6x1000?


Help in Training for 10k race - TheEd - 27-10-2011

sounds good