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My 10K time is going slower! - gingekelly - 06-11-2011


My 10K time seems to be going slower. I currently hold my pb at 38.25 but now I'm finding it really hard to get below that. My last was 39.33.

I have entered one at the end of this month and I am currently using your training program to help me get a sub 38.

Would you recommend a 10K time trial the week before?


Ginge Kelly

My 10K time is going slower! - TheEd - 07-11-2011

Hi GingeKelly and welcome to the forums

first off, run the next 10km race and then provide feedback from that and then we can look to see what to do

please provide the training you have been doing for the past few months etc

more data is good

chat soon


My 10K time is going slower! - gingekelly - 08-11-2011


Well I've only started to up my mileage in the last week by sticking to your program, which is going great by the way!

Before that I was doing Monday (7 mile), Wednesday (speed work/ fartlek), Friday, Saturday (long run) / or a race on Sunday.



My 10K time is going slower! - TheEd - 08-11-2011

OK .. then we need to make sure u get decent recovery in-between the quality sessions

so after each quality session it is important to give feedback as you may do too much if you stick completely to the program currently

no need to test yourself before the race .. do the race and provide feedback thereafter

you may take a little longer to recover from the event, so do keep that in mind