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Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 08-11-2011

Hey TheEd,

I have been away from the forums for a while. Basically, I ran too much and then my knee had to go under the knife. Just to fill you in, I was probably around 42min or so 10km (never tested) then haven't really run much this year. I did an OD triathlon and the 10km was in 45min, so I am guessing I am probably capable of roughly 43-44min. I have lost a lot of speed in my legs as my 2.4km has gone from 9:00min up to 9:40!!! As such I am wanting to do some speed work (which I know you incorporate).

I am still training for (OD) triathlons, so I am riding around 400km+ a week and swimming as well. I was hoping to minimise the amount of running sessions initially so I don't get the injury again. Just for info it was an 'extensive lateral meniscus tear' which they repaired. I have done a couple of runs here and there but nothing substantial. Been for a couple of bush runs, etc. Roughly 10-12km in length. Well after my last tri I decided that I had better start training again so today I did some 1km intervals. I only did 4 so that I don't induce injury.

I need help in getting the most out of my body without destroying my knee again, so if you can provide help that would be great. I was thinking 3 runs per week based on the amount I am riding and swimming (about 6 sessions each a week).

I was thinking a longer interval session one day (1or 2km intervals), another session (200-800m intervals) and a longer run. What are your thoughts?

In case it helps. The 4x1km intervals today:
no. time. max hr. av hr.
1: 4:12.3 177 167
2: 4:11.9 179 169
3: 4:09.7 182 172
4: 4:07.8 181 173

I had 2 minutes rest in between and had 10min W/U and 10min C/D. I could have gone faster without too much trouble (as you can see by the falling times) but I didn't know how hard to go. (this was on a track with maybe 3-5km/h winds running down one of the lengths and about 30 degrees C).

Let me know your thoughts. I think I'll do the 4000m TT tomorrow if that's ok with you Smile

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - TheEd - 08-11-2011

welcome back .. you could consider resting in-between each quality session

have you had your saddle height and technique checked for your cycling?

if at all possible .. do a 4k time-trial so we can get an idea of how fit or out of shape you are

and from there we can start building



Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 08-11-2011

No haven't got the bike setup properly as I am using a road bike with clip-ons and I am looking into getting a TT bike hopefully at the end of January. After that I will get them both setup properly. As for technique, a mate of mine who was semi-pro has given me a few pointers, and it has given me a steadier revolution but I haven't had anyone specifically look at it. Think I'll do the 4km TT tomorrow as my calves are tight from yesterday's session. Thanks for getting back so quick Smile

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - TheEd - 09-11-2011

you could consider doing the 4k test closer to the weekend and focus on calf recovery for now

ps.. my questions about the bicycle relate to the concern of your knee

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 09-11-2011

Hey TheEd,

Did a 19km TT on the bike today, then a swim around lunch time (only 2.2km) then a mtb that turned into an hour long bush walk. Have HR data from it as it was meant to be a MTB...
Av HR was only 136, but there was a lot of stopping. last 20 minutes HR was above 140 and closer to 155. Total was 1:02. Total climb was 265m

Anyway, so after that I realised that I still had to go for a run.

Did an easy run, although, naturally it was quite difficult with the already tired legs. First climb up my street was initially a challenge just to get going. Calves are a bit tight still. Might do another easy session tomorrow, we'll see. Easy ride as well.

The run: 6.55km and quite undulating, only km 4-5 was relatively flat. av HR 155, max HR 163, elevation gain 93m. Av pace 5:18min/km.
Km 4 (the flat km) was 4:54 av HR 155.

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 09-11-2011

TheEd Wrote:ps.. my questions about the bicycle relate to the concern of your knee

I think the knee related to going from no running at all to doing a 60km ultra marathon in 6 months...

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - TheEd - 09-11-2011

to be honest from how you balancing your training and routines it doesn't seem you will give yourself much chance to recover Wink

it all looks painful Big Grin

an ultra in 6 months .. nice .. may as well go the full hog

[SIZE="1"]ps.. we are integrating a new forum in relation to where we hope to give advice regarding multisport training and balance ..[/SIZE]

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 10-11-2011

Hi again TheEd,

well yesterday I did a nice easy 65km ride and I was planning on running but then when I fell asleep just sitting on the couch I thought maybe my body wants a rest and my calves were still a little sore anyway.

So today I did the 4km TT as you said. The way I set it up in the garmin though didn't give me 1km information Sad So the slpits won't be exact.

km time av HR max HR
1 3:59 163 175
2 4:00 175 178
3 4:01 179 181
4 3:57 182 185

total 15:57.46

I had a little bit of a cold but I don't think it really had any effect. From about 1.6km my eyes were shut most of the time and I was pushing super hard. While I didn't vomit, I did feel like dying would be easier at the end.

I am happy and sad at this time. I didn't think that I would run that fast which makes me happy, but I'm sad because it means I have a looooonnnnngggg way to go!

Information that may help you help me: I have some races lined up (triathlons) on 11 Dec I am doing a 70.3 Ironman, but I am not really fussed about how I do in that, just want to finish it. I have OD races on 22 Jan, 12 Feb, 11 Mar and a sprint distance on 01 Apr. I would like to get a 40min 10km for the 11 Mar triathlon, but I am not expecting it.

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - TheEd - 11-11-2011

dale .. you best get your health sorted out

it is most dangerous exercising with a cold especially if it turns to flu

provide recovery of your feedback

ps.. sub 16 for 4k .. what were you expecting?

Post injury - wanting sub 40min - dale_8888 - 11-11-2011

it's only a really mild cold, pretty much gone, just thought you might want to know. I'll stop if it gets worse, but it's getting better.

I am recovered, and feeling good although I am very tired after my 75km hilly ride Smile

I guess I was hoping for 16:20 based on the 1km intervals and expecting sub 16:40.