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Training Plan - robbie_1000 - 15-03-2009

Hi Ed,

My Mrs is getting back into running.
Shes just done a 5k race in 30mins and has been following a walk to run basic plan which she has now finished.
She goes down the gym 3 times a week.
Can you point us in the right direction on a new plan for her?
I think she would like to run a 10k towards the end of the year but she is in 5k shape atm, running around 4-5 k 3 times a week.


Training Plan - TheEd - 15-03-2009

Hi Rob

take a look at this schedule

Prepare for your first 8 kilometre event

see if the wifey would be interested in that and then we can work on something around that


Training Plan - robbie_1000 - 15-03-2009

Cheers, i'll try her out on that Smile