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New year, new targets - K4marathon - 27-11-2011

Hello again TheEd and others,

I am back after a few months of training at less regular pace. I started training running without any running history at the age of 37 almost exactly one year ago, in Oct 2010. Seven months later I ran a 21k race just below 1:50 in May 2011. Now after a few month of easy life, I plan to put myself back on the running trails and aim for a 5-minute inprovement (to 1:45) in the 21k next May (2012) and then go for a full Marathon in November 2012, with a target of 3:45.
I also started to do some swimming, and if that goes fine I may target some triathlon action for 2013 or so. But time will tell.
Now I will go back to last winter's training, when I successfully used the Sub50-minute 10k program for several months and really got into running. I will start off with that same program, and when it goes smoothly, I will move to the Sub45-minute 10k program. Now is the time for shape-up again!



New year, new targets - TheEd - 28-11-2011

Nice to have you back k4m

may the winter not be so bad this year


ps.. you can also run a 4k time-trial if you want to take note of what shape you in?

New year, new targets - K4marathon - 29-11-2011


I actually enjoyed running in the cold weather last year. Especially the long runs in -15 degrees are actually nice when you dress well. But let's see how it will be this winter.
At the moment the weather is terrible: dark, rainy and windy. Therefore for the time being I'll do all interval sessions on the indoor track now and I may continue that throughout winter for consistency reasons. I really want to develop speed this year.
In general I will focus a lot on the pace of my exercises this winter: I plan to run the "easy runs" very easy: at even as low as 130 bpm HR. On the other hand, the long runs I plan to run faster, at closer to 5:15 and even 5:00 per km (which is very fast for me right now). And the intervals I will start according to the Sub45 program at 4:25 per km soon. And I plan to augment some of the running with swimming and also cross-country skiing when the weather allows. Let's see how the development goes.

And good idea to check the condition with a 4k run. I've had a very heavy running program last days and a business trip still this week, so I'll do it in the weekend and keep you posted.


New year, new targets - K4marathon - 03-12-2011

Ciao The Ed

I tried to run the 4k today as we discussed earlier. I say "tried" because I finished after 3k since my body was not feeling normal.

I normally run all races (4k, 10k, 21k) so that I start at a heart rate close to 160 bpm, then at the half of the race my rate is typically around 170 bpm, and I target to accelerate toward my maximum of 182 toward the end.

I did the same today, starting around 160 and by the 2k mark I was up at 170 bpm as planned. At this point I had run the first two km's at 4:06 and 4:16 respectively and the pulse at optimal 170 bpm.
But then in my third km, I could not accelerate beyond 172 whatever I did, meaning my speed dropped to 4:24 for the km. I really did try to go for the 180 level, but whatever I did with my legs, it did not work. After the race I was a bit exhausted but not even close to what I feel after finishing a race at the maximum level of 182.

I fugured it was possible this was a sign that my body may not be in full shape today, either due to the tiring business trip this week with late dinners and drinking, or then due to an upcoming cold or something. In any case I felt smarter to interrupt at 3k at a total of 12:46. Now I will rest a few days and try again next week.

What do you think? Could this be a lack of really fast training, or why was I not able to use my maximal strength? I have been doing intervals according to the Sub50 program (km pace 4:50), and in these practices by average HR is only 160. Perhaps I should now move to the Sub45 program to get more maximal level practices?


New year, new targets - TheEd - 05-12-2011

it may be more a case of expecting more due to running at a higher level previously as well as a combination of everything else you mentioned

with the 4k time-trial it is a test and you should start of easier and simply set a marker so you can see your present state of fitness so we can determine the pace of your sessions when you train on the sub 45 minute 10k schedule

let's see how things work out with your body and that you are not coming down with a cold and then we can do the 4k again

is this fine with you?



New year, new targets - K4marathon - 05-12-2011

Sounds good!

Yes, I had a really runny nose after that run. Not fever but a sign that something may be developing. Now better and taking it easy for a while, returning to intervals this week.

And I also think I might be a bit high in my expectation and thus started maybe a bit faster than optimal. Judging on my performance, I might be at a level of 17:15 or so these days for 4k. Let's see how it goes later in the week.

Speak to you soon.


New year, new targets - TheEd - 06-12-2011

good stuff



New year, new targets - K4marathon - 09-12-2011

Good evening

I did the 4k test run today. It was a quite normal run and my body felt ok. I did it in 17:30, which was about 15 seconds slower than expected but OK I would say. It was a pretty consistent run with the following km times: 4:19, 4:24, 4:26, 4:22. I think this represents well the shape I am in right now. I've lost around 30 seconds on the 4k since May.
It also prooves that I probably can move to the Sub45 program now, although it will probably be tough at least in the beginning. I'll need the speed in order to be able to improve on my 21k time next May.

I feel full of energy now and ready for the heavy winter program.

All the best to you!


New year, new targets - TheEd - 11-12-2011

OK .. we have that in the bag .. you mentioned heavy winter program

have you looked at the Build Up program before?

would you consider using this cycle to take you through to the New Year and then pop in another 4k time-trial?

as this does provide a nice base towards the next level of training

what are your thoughts on this?



New year, new targets - K4marathon - 11-12-2011


Sounds interesting. I know "Cursor" was writing about the build-up program last year but honestly when you look at the program it seems relatively easy. Sure there is many kilometers of running every week but only at "easy" pace. As I understand it, "easy" should be th pace when you can still comfortable speak to another person the whole time, which in my case is about 135 bpm on average.
A question about 65% and 75% effort. Is it so that it is the percentage of your HR interval between HRmin and HRmax? In that case, since my HRmin is 62 and HRmax 182, those should be 140 (65% effort) and 152 (75% effort). do I get it right?