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Sub 33/31 min 10k - CanRunr - 17-03-2009

Hi. This is my first post, so here goes. Last year, March 2008, I ran a 32:45 min 10k road race. I finished my track season (January-February 2009) two weeks ago with a 9:07 3000m in Feb. I had been resting two weeks, but
I am looking to run road races again this spring. I feel with a little more mileage I can improve my 10ks (I haven't gone past 100km in a week).

I would like to follow your 3week cycle program. I have a 10k race march 29th, a 21k race April 19th, a 5k April 26th, and four weeks later (this is the most important race) a 10k on May 23rd. This last race is now 10 weeks away. I started your program (the sub 31 min) last Tuesday.
I have not run a 4k time trial, but based on my 3k time it could be as fast as 12min 30s (Riegel formula).

It was my first speed workout in a few weeks, but I ran the 5x2k at 6:18, 6:38, 6:40, 6:41, and 6:39. These did not feel great (until I was done). I did the 10x400m hills, and they felt better. My 90min long run felt good. I think I'm getting back into a groove. Tonight I will try the 6x1km.

Having said that, I had a few questions:
1) I have a one-day gap in the first three week program ("Day 19" is a day before the race, i.e. March 28). Where in the cycle can I best add an extra day?
2) If I have four weeks between races, how do I use the 3week cycle?
3) Do you advise using the "sub 31min 10k program" based on the times above? Many thanks for training advice!

Sub 33/31 min 10k - TheEd - 17-03-2009

Welcome CanRunr

well the good thing is I took your time from the Riegel formula and would have told you to start off on 6:40 for the first 5x2k session

so now that you are there you can look to doing 6x1000m in 3:10 per k today

let's play it by ear and get the first 10k race out the way

I need to know whether you are used to 'morning runs' as supplementary runs currently?

We can certainly look to having performances from the end April but for now lets get you through a cycle and onto the next level.

we can easily sort the 1 day before the 10k race next week and shall change it round after Wednesday with a different run on Thursday

for this week don't do the 5k paced this coming Saturday as it may prove to be too much in adapting to the new cycle

I hope this helps


Sub 33/31 min 10k - CanRunr - 18-03-2009

Hi. The 5x2k 6:40 pace felt much more natural. I can see why you would have suggested it.
The 6x1ks I ran were a little uneven. They were 3:03, 3:08, 3:11, 3:13, 3:14, and 3:13. My legs are not yet used to the short recovery times. I have not run "double run" days before, but I am used to running either in the morning (8-9am) or evening (5-6pm). I am willing to try double runs provided I do not find injuries a problem.

Sub 33/31 min 10k - TheEd - 18-03-2009

As you develop the 1000's will become the more enjoyable sessions

you are probably slightly fatigued after the 2000's and then the long run

however the heavy set of training is over and you should be all fine by Friday, so please let us know if you are feeling jaded by Friday and we will need to change things round

for now there is no need to do am runs however as you develop things should fall into place

let's focus on getting through 1 or 2 cycles first



Sub 33/31 min 10k - CanRunr - 21-03-2009

The 2k's were definitely a wake-up for my body. But I felt much better during my last two runs (1hr each). I did my 10x400m today, and completed them all in 68-69 s. I hope the 5k pace run goes well. Cheers.

Sub 33/31 min 10k - TheEd - 21-03-2009

The 5k pace is exactly that, a paced run not an all out effort and it is normally around half the 10k distance at 10k pace or even slower depending on what is prescribed

You should be fine but don't go faster because you feel OK



Sub 33/31 min 10k - CanRunr - 23-03-2009

I may be on pace for a similar race time as last year (32:45). I did not go all out for the 5k pace run, but I finished with a time of 16:23. 1k splits were 3:14-3:18.

Sub 33/31 min 10k - TheEd - 23-03-2009

if you achieve a sub 33 it will show an ability to run above training level on the day and this is a rare feat and something to be treasured

look forward to you cracking it


Sub 33/31 min 10k - CanRunr - 29-03-2009

I did it! (just barely). I ran a sub 33 with a 32:59 effort. The conditions were ok but not perfect, i.e. cool but with a strong headwind. It was a tactical race, so a lot of pace changing. I was happy considering my shins/calves were a little tired on Friday/Saturday, and the at the start I felt less than ideal.
So now I have a 1/2 marathon in exactly 3 weeks. Besides running 25k for the long run, should I increase the # of intervals on any days?
Cheers. I've been enjoying your training program.

Sub 33/31 min 10k - TheEd - 30-03-2009


your result shows a very definite chance for great improvement on these programs however you need to be cautious and not get too carried away

first off .. how are you lower legs feeling now?

always look to have your legs recover between training sessions and events

before we look to this week's training let us have more info about your recovery, please?