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Sub 35 - jamieh - 24-05-2013

Hey there,

All been coming along nicely over the past few days. Calves loosening up. 400's at 74-76 pace yesterday feeling comfortable. 20min light tempo today at 3:35 pace feeling easy. Managed to get the weight on a downward trajectory & finally some bounce/elasticity coming back into the legs.

Sprint Tri on Mon, then final week of prep before the olympic distance world qualifier next Sunday. Will keep you posted.


Sub 35 - jamieh - 28-05-2013

1st in the sprint tri yesterday & a pb Smile

Felt strong & had my best performance on the bike by far, so a great confidence builder for next weekend. Run was also solid and as fast as I've run it before! Most importantly legs are feeling great this morning, no aches or pains.

Planning on easy 30mins today, easy 10k tomorrow, 3x1600's @10k race-pace on Thurs, then 6x1min fartlek on Fri before rest on Sat (race Sun). Does that sound sensible to you?


Sub 35 - TheEd - 28-05-2013

no need for the 3 x 1600m on Thursday ..

Wednesday easy run with last 2k at an increased pace .. no need to go further than 8k currently

Thursday: 20 to 30 minutes with last 10 minutes at a quicker pace

finish off sessions feeling ready and refreshed

the rest is fine



Sub 35 - jamieh - 28-05-2013

Sounds like a plan to me, will do as you say. I guess it doesn't make any sense to take a risk with the 1600's given I'm feeling in shape and between 2 races.

Will keep you posted.

Thanks as always.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 28-05-2013

good stuff and congrats on your sprint win



Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-06-2013

2nd in the Tri this weekend! Going to worlds Big Grin

Preparation went really well into the race, with my paced runs and 6x1min all pegged at 3:24 pace and feeling comfortable last week. Also managed to get down to 77kg on the start line fully hydrated!

Unfortunately I made a silly mistake at the start and was standing on the pontoon zipping my wetsuit when the starter horn went off! Had to swim around/over 200 athletes to get to the front which wasn't much fun & unfortunately I couldn't catch the front guy. Managed to close him down on the bike but he pulled away at 5k on run. He's run sub 33mins this year, though, so I'll let him off Wink

Anyway, very pleased with the finish place given the quality field and super pleased to be working towards the worlds in Sept. One thing I'd forgotten was how much 40k on the bike kills your legs. They were absolutely numb for the first 7k of run (which was very slow/grass/long hence the slow time). Need to add some brick-sessions to my training I think!

Given the 10k programme I'm using, when do you think brick's might make sense? Any thoughts on a good format?

Planning very easy running until Thurs when (provided all is in order) I'll kick off with the 2k's. Would love to get a solid 5k in over the next months.


Sub 35 - TheEd - 03-06-2013

nice Jamie .. saw your image on FB ..

as for Brick sessions .. the 2nd Saturday in the program is a good day

what have you got planned for short term now? bringing 5k below 16 minutes while preparing to race 10km?


Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-06-2013

Yup, that is exactly my plan!!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 03-06-2013

OK .. in that case we will vary things a little

as per always, you 5 x 2k session is important for your 10k racing

then we going to change the 5k pace sessions a fair amount

whereas you normally only run 10 seconds per k quicker over the 5k session compared to the 2k pace, we will look to vary the pace to be faster from 10 to 20 seconds quicker

this means we will do a varying pace session similar to the following

1000m @ 5k pace R60 then 400m 10 seconds quicker than previous pace

Rest 90 seconds and then repeat .. total of 4 times

then 2 to 3 minute Rest followed by 1km in sub 3.10 attempting to start off on 3.10 and to pick up the pace by 2 seconds per km each lap if possible

that is one session for example

over to you


Sub 35 - jamieh - 03-06-2013

Love the look of this session! Will aim to do next Tuesday. Looking forward to it already.

I'll keep you posted re: 2k's.