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Sub 35 - TheEd - 20-08-2014

you off to your training camp now

so do take care and look after yourself after the sessions


Sub 35 - jamieh - 02-09-2014

Hey there,

Quick update!

Lots of big miles on the bike in Morzine. Possibly over-did it a little bit as was feeling very tired all of last week. Just about starting to pep-up again this weekend.

Managed a 16:40 5k park-run on Saturday with a pretty measured effort (slightly fast 1st kilometer at 3:14, but then pretty steady 3:19-20's).

Was planning on 3x1600 today but may save until tomorrow as a little fatigued. Work is also pretty full on. Looking forward to resting up and doing some easy sessions Weds-Sat in CA before race day!


Sub 35 - TheEd - 02-09-2014

no harm in putting it till tomorrow

and then make sure to ease off and stick to the routine you use before all events

have a good one


Sub 35 - jamieh - 02-09-2014

Was feeling a little fatigued but went ahead with the 3x1.6k this evening on the treadmill. And... ended up with a great sesh!

3x1.6k off 3mins (0.5% incline treadmill, building pace from 18.4k/h to 20k/h through reps)

5:16 (HR Avg:146 | Max:154)
@3m: 65
5:08 (HR Avg:149 | Max:161)
@3m: 77
5:04 (HR Avg:152 | Max:164)
@3m: 80

Sub 35 - TheEd - 03-09-2014

look after yourself now .. the prep has been done


Sub 35 - jamieh - 09-09-2014

Alas... not the worlds I had hoped for Sad

Tyre blow out 50km into the bike course. Unfortunately it was irreparable (3inch gash) so I had to wait for the mechanic which took 35 mins... the race was long gone.

Good news is I was actually in the lead until that point Smile 76.5kg on the line. Had a great swim, coming out of the water in about 10th place, after taking an elbow to the face at 1.5k and half-drowning (not unusual!).

Lots of early pushing on the bike (HR 155-160) and I managed to catch the lead group of 5 athletes at 15k. We worked 'together' for about 30k's (me at about 145-150 HR) & I started to pull away at about 50k's after a steep hill section. Just at that moment... pop!

Finally the mechanic gave me a new wheel & I eased back into the bike, enjoying the atmosphere. At about 70k I decided to pick up the pace again so I could at least get a work out and see 'what might have been' if I'd stayed with the group.

Onto the run and I felt fantastic. Managed a 1hr 21 half marathon over an incredibly hilly course (properly steep hills, no flat sections).

I won't say where I think I might have finished (who can say, really). But looking at the leading times, I reckon I had a bloody good shot!

So. Onwards. I'm in shape. And have 3 weeks till I go on vacation. Thinking long and hard about Lanza 70.3 on the 20th to use this fitness, if I can find cheap flights etc...

Any plans that weekend?! Wink


Sub 35 - TheEd - 10-09-2014

I actually followed your race on the ironman tracker Wink

good to be chatting on FB about what next


Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-10-2014

Ok! The running focussed season begins Smile

Had a great final middle-distance triathlon of the year with a win and a local course record which was really nice after the disappointment in Canada. I'm confident in my ability to go fast over the 70.3 distance next year, so now I want to focus 100% on running for the winter.

Just had a great rest week off in Portugal where I ran 60mins every morning SUPER easy (like 5-6mins per kilometer) and everything is feeling good (even managed to eat well so i'm cruising at 78kg's).

Yesterday I did a tempo 15k over hills and managed <55mins (3:40/km) feeling really great.

Kicking off with the 2k's this Thursday.

Targets for the next 6 months...

<16 5k
<33 10k
<1:15 Half Marathon
<2:40 Marathon

First up is the Vegas half marathon on Nov. 16th (with a few park run 5k's before, and maybe a 10k end of this month).


Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-10-2014

congrats Jamie .. about your current training

I would seriously recommend doing the Build Up for a minimum of 2 weeks

you will be amazed by the benefits you will get from this

2 weeks


Sub 35 - jamieh - 06-10-2014

OK, you're right. Will start with 2 weeks build up. Since I did easy 60 mins for last 5 days, I will do another 2x easy 60mins tomorrow/Weds then the 5x8mins on Thurs and continue with the rest of the 2 week build up phase from there.