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Sub 35 - TheEd - 06-09-2018

Hi Jamie, two nice events and great to go sub 16 in the 5k

no harm in running fast but hopefully you have been able to maintain at least a 25k every 3 weeks. If not, if you intend continuing with a marathon, do consider maintaining a long run every 3 weeks

how are you going to unfold your final 6 weeks to the marathon? Where are you planning on running it?

Do get a training partner for the 5 x 2k session .. and maintain around the 33:00 to 33:30 pace for the session, then adding the aerobic sessions and if possible find a rolling hill route for at least one long rolling hill session

please ask questions for clarity


Sub 35 - jamieh - 09-09-2018

Hey there,

Yes I have been keeping the long runs going at least every 3 weeks and have now been averaging 90k/wk since June so should be well placed for the final marathon push.

Marathon is def. still the goal - I'll be doing Abingdon for the third time on Oct 21st with the aim of qualifying for London again next year and hopefully getting sub 2:40.

Current plan is to kick off 2k's on Thurs (33-33:30 paces sounds great) and work through a full cycle modified for Marathon (Marathon Paced runs on Saturday followed by 20-32k long runs on Sun). Will also throw in a threshold session on the Thurs after the 1k's + a couple of Park runs. Will for sure add in rolling hills and will keep the 1hr/15k aerobic days to maintain mileage.

Did a 26k fell run today (1,000+ meters climbing) which felt great. No muscle soreness even with fast/technical descending so the legs are clearly in a good place Smile

Sub 35 - jamieh - 13-09-2018

5x2k (Track)


8 degrees
5 k/h wind

Had to do the session at 6am this morning after a tough night so it wasn't easy - particularly the first rep! - but overall pleased with how it went and was able to stick to the plan. I stopped looking at the watch after the first one and was very surprised to see myself getting a bit faster on each one, despite feeling slower (?!).

I also had some delayed muscle soreness after the fell run which was only just subsiding today so I suspect that accounts for legs feeling a little sluggish.

Sub 35 - jamieh - 16-09-2018

A nice weekend with 8k marathon pace on Sat feeling extremely good at 3:40-45 then 30k easy today again feeling good. 100k for the week. Should I still go for the 1ks on Tues or something different? Any thoughts on pacing? Thank you!

Sub 35 - TheEd - 18-09-2018

Sounds like you working well towards the marathon, Jamie

with 6 weeks to go you can drop the 1k session and focus more on the 2k session

you have the sub 16 pace for 5k, now you need to focus on speed endurance gained via the 2k session

hope this makes sense


Sub 35 - jamieh - 20-09-2018

Yes makes sence, thx! On Tues I did alternating 2k/1k (continuous run) with the 2k @3:40-45 and the 1k @4:00, easy day yesterday and then today 4x5k @3:40-45 off 3 mins jog keeping the HR ~145.

Big week. Legs still feeling good but looking forward to rest day. Plan a park run on Saturday and 21k easy Sunday.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 28-09-2018

Hi Jamie, how many weeks till the marathon?

how did the parkrun go?

what pace are you doing your marathon tempo runs at?

hope all well


Sub 35 - jamieh - 29-09-2018

Hey there, marathon is 3 weeks from tomorrow (Sunday).

I couldn't do ParkRun last weekend (logistical issues!) so instead did a 15k on rolling roads as 4k marathon pace (3:43) followed by 1k float (4:00) x3. Weather nice and cool so heart rate never got over 140.

This week I did 8x800 off 200 jog (2:36-2:40 on the 800s never feeling too taxing) on the Tuesday, and then a 40 min tempo run on Thursday, peaking at around 10k pace (3:20ish) for 2k in the middle.

Today I did a steady ParkRun (16:50 - through 2k at 6:25 but legs were very tired so I pulled back to cruise home at 3:20-25) then went straight into 6k at marathon pace (3:43) which felt incredibly good (HR under 140).

Aiming for 30k tomorrow including 3 or 4x5k at marathon pace... if you think that sounds like a decent plan?

Weight is stable at 76kg.


P.S I had some slight pain/ache in the top of my right foot during my long run last Sunday (20k steady with a few fartlek k's at 3:30ish as feeling so good). Saw chiro this week and some of the tendons were jammed up, plantar fascia v. tight as well as ITB. I passed the tuning fork test so prob not a stress fracture (at least not yet..), but need to keep a close eye on it. He released everything and after a full rest day yesterday there was no pain this morning in the park session or walking afterwards. Im going to do the 30k tomorrow on a loop course (and mainly off road) and bail out if I feel anything.

Sub 35 - TheEd - 30-09-2018

Hi Jamie, you must be careful mixing up the speedwork and the marathon distance on the last 6 weeks

You have developed the speed now you need to get the mindset of the marathoner right

I am very aware of how 'elite' athletes train for the marathon and the often made mistakes off people training towards the marathon trying to mimic what they do.

My advice is 'always' don't do what others do but what works for you and the biggest aim should also be to stay healthy

many athletes over the year have run 21k PB's 2 weeks before the marathon but have not been able to achieve their marathon race goal

I am mentioning this so you stop testing yourself regarding 'how you feel'

5 weeks to go the legs should be fatigued but not one must avoid injury, so ice and do recuperative 'things' to assist your legs etc

hopefully the 30k run goes well today


Sub 35 - jamieh - 30-09-2018

Thx for the advice, all taken onboard. No more tests Smile

30k went great today and no pain in the foot. Did 3x5k in the middle bang on 18:30 with about 10-15 mins easy between. HR 139 on first (flat) and 145 on the other two (rolling).

2h for the whole run. Had 2 gels en route + about 400ml water (my wife was cycling alongside with the kids for the slow bits).

74kg after the run bodes well.