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A new goal - IamWill - 27-02-2012

Hi folks,

It's wonderful to learn from all the great advice given on this site! I'm planning to start on a 10k program next week.

A little more about me and my running: I'm 31 years old. My 2011 goal was to run the NY marathon at a 6 minute/km pace without injuring myself. I was very happy to finish in 4hrs and 10 minutes. I did this on very little training (about 20k per week). The marathon reinvigorated my taste for running and I opted for a slightly more serious approach. In 2006 I managed to run a 10k in 41:59 and I decided that my 2012 goal would be to run 10k in less than 40 minutes. I started running at least 3 up to 6 times per week. I didn't really add a lot of mileage, but just did more shorter high intensity runs (mostly 3k tempo runs and a couple of 1k intervals with 2min easy in between).

Beginning of February I ran a race to check on my progress, I hoped for a new PB (so <41:59) and I actually managed to break 40 minutes (39:26). Since there's still quite a lot of 2012 left, I'm now trying to decide on a new goal. A 38 minute 10k or maybe even 37 would be nice... On Sunday I'm doing another race to see how I've progressed this month. I'm planning to start on a <40min program or the <35 minute program a couple of days after that race.

In other post, Below the splits of a 4k tempo run i did last Friday (no warm up, pushing myself quite a bit):
1k 4:00
2k 3:54
3k 3:59
4k 3:46

And another one, which i did yesterday (after 1k warm up, this time without pushing it too much: I was still able to talk (albeit in short sentences) during the run):
1k 4:12
2k 4:10
3k 4:05
4k 4:07



A new goal - TheEd - 28-02-2012

Hi Will and welcome to the forums

first off from your 4k time-trial . you can look to the structure of the

sub 40 minute 10km program

from reading your feedback, you obviously have some natural ability that with the correct and balanced training going towards 38 minutes is a strong possibility

the major problem is avoiding injury while building up to around 50 to 60k mileage a week .. there is no rush however to achieve the balance needed is a necessity

the aim is to get up to 1hr easy running over the weekend and to focus on the 5 x 2k .. 6 x 1k sessions and then the weekend run

so for now, that will be the plan

even though you have recently run a sub 40 minute 10k, we are going to start you off at the 4 x 2k session at 4 minutes per k with Rest of 2minutes between each 2k

the idea is to train you up and to get you used to a schedule

what are your thoughts so far?

ps.. once you reply we can chat further .. do take a look at the overall program routine ..

A new goal - IamWill - 28-02-2012

Hi TheEd,

Thanks for your feedback, it's much appreciated! The 2k intervals at 4:00 pace with 2 minutes rest sound challenging enough to start with, so I think it's a good idea not to start with a faster approach.

Past month I've already been running more than before (I logged 108k this February), doing more speed work, but less long runs. Apart from a sprained ankle past October, I didn't have any running injuries for years (actually since I stopped heel-striking). I do notice some extra fatigue in my legs due to the extra work I've put in. I really feel like running more, but I'm a bit concerned that my enthusiasm might lead me into overtraining (I don't know, I never did this much speed work before).

I'm racing this Sunday, so I'll start with the program on Tuesday the 6th, thus doing the 5x2k on Thursday, or would that be to soon after the race?

One last question for now: how do you feel about doing two runs per day? I do this about once per week, but I don't know if it's smart running or empty kilometers.

Thanks again,


A new goal - TheEd - 28-02-2012

Hi Will .. please provide feedback after the race and then we can see our approach

the secret is to enhance the ability and not to overtrain, these 10k programs are designed to achieve this

I would not recommend twice a day training until you have improved your aerobic development

the schedule of the 10k training is well balanced to achieve the runner's objectives

no need to do more than asked

we shall need to balance things

ankle injuries often start with the calf muscles

over to you .. let's see how things go


A new goal - IamWill - 28-02-2012

The ankle injury was stupidity on my part: I was taking some new shoes out for a run and I was doing some strides. I didn't look where I was running when overtaking some people and stepped on the edge of a high curb.

I'll post an update after the race!

A new goal - IamWill - 04-03-2012

Hi TheEd,
The race went well, my time was 38:13.
Legs felt tired all week, I didn't eat enough Friday and Saturday and got only 5 hours of sleep, and my race strategy was not very smart: apparently the ingredients for a new pbWink.


km Pace (min/km) Elevation (m)
1 3:46 -1
2 3:45 0
3 3:49 1
4 3:45 -1
5 3:55 -1
6 3:53 1
7 3:52 0
8 3:42 -1
9 3:52 2
10 3:44 -1


A new goal - TheEd - 05-03-2012

congrats on the PB .. you could still look at the sub 40 minute program and then we change the pace accordingly for the 5 x 2k and 6 x 1k sessions

over to you


A new goal - IamWill - 05-03-2012

Hi TheEd,

Thanks! The sub-40 program definitely still seems the best choice. In the 5x2k, should I still try for a 4:00 pace and, if i'm able to do so, do the last two a bit faster? Or should I try a different pace? 4:00 still sounds challenging enough, especially within a week after a race.

The race went well. Kilometers 5 to 7 were a bit slower, because I chose to run from one group to the next right before turning a corner, running into a long straight road with a lot of headwind. It took me a while before I could catch up with them. I feel that if I would have had a bit more "power under the hood", I would have been able to catch up with them sooner, 'rest' a bit in that group during the part with the headwind and then ran towards a sub-38 minute.

Rest today and tomorrow 60 to 70 minutes easy distance.

All the best,


A new goal - TheEd - 05-03-2012

great Will .. very sensible in your approach to running 4 minutes per k

it seems you will do well on the programs especially with your sensible approach


A new goal - IamWill - 05-03-2012

Hi TheEd,
Thanks (although i'm more dreading the interval, than being sensible about them;-) ). What about rest, 2 minutes in between? And does rest mean 'rest', 'walking' or 'very easy pace'?